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  • I said with a flash of clear vision.
  • She utters a peal of clear laughter.
  • The sun was shining now from a vault of clear blue.
  • Have ready a bed of clear bright coals.
  • At his feet gurgled a stream of clear water.
  • This also is made of clear gravy soup.
  • The creek roared bankfull of clear water.
  • The sheets of clear ice made good windows.
  • The creek assures an ample supply of clear cold water.
  • Abruptly we stepped into an opening, a pocket of clear air.
  • When weighed you should 5-1/2 pounds of clear fat.
  • Who is the Revealer of clear tokens!
  • To dream of clear, sparkling water means good luck.
  • Kabinapek (western part of Clear Lake basin).
  • You certainly are a master in the difficult art of clear exposition.
  • Temporary excitement naturally took the place of clear judgment.
  • The evil everywhere is in the want of clear views of what is right.
  • They had in most places at least a mile of clear ground in front of them.
  • But, in doing this, there has been some want of clear discrimination.
  • He had once seen a spring of clear water near this path-way.
  • He pointed to a little space of clear turf halfway up the slope.
  • A man-made cover of clear plastic now kept them from being trampled.
  • The long-thirsting heart was refreshed by this one drop of clear water!
  • Pope covered with memoranda every scrap of clear paper which came in his way.
  • We had eight miles of clear track and might yet prevent a disaster.
  • We never can get across this patch of clear grass without being seen.
  • It is a continued stream of clear, rapid and convincing argument.
  • Flowing from the cave is a small stream of clear, very cold water.
  • A pool of clear water was in the centre, glimmering green over its tiles.
  • Place a bowl of clear spring water on your lap at midnight, and gaze into it.

How To Use Of Clear In A Sentence?

  • It is a matter of constitutional psychism as to where the sense of clear vision will be located.
  • It is impossible to emphasise too strongly the importance of clear pronunciation in singing.
  • Two springs of clear water were found a little distance from the river and all drank there.
  • He has no love for it; it was utterly incompatible with his own habit of clear thinking.
  • He found at the foot of a large walnut-tree a fountain of clear and running water.
  • Sometimes on a summer morning you will see drops of clear sparkling water on flowers and grass.
  • His voice was not strong, but he had early learnt the lesson of clear enunciation.
  • By evening not a cloud was in sight, and indications pointed to a spell of clear weather.
  • The velvety blackness of the heavens; the myriad diamond points of clear brilliance.
  • And the youth handed the simpleton a silver cup full to the brim of clear shining water.
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