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  • He wrote of crimes and criminals from what such actual practitioners had told him.
  • Cast from your mind any feeling adding the wrecking of my happiness to your list of crimes.
  • Again, it turns out that the largest proportion of crimes are committed by foreigners.
  • He rapidly enumerated the series of crimes produced by license and want of faith.
  • They were acquainted with most kinds of crimes; the novelty of this one whetted their curiosity.
  • It seems to me that human justice is ill adapted to judge of crimes as between husband and wife.
  • This book made credulity the greatest of virtues, and investigation the greatest of crimes.
  • The laws of the several states differ in respect to the number of crimes made punishable by death.
  • Majorities are capable of crimes which, as individuals, they would shrink from in horror.
  • Everything appropriated was officially kept as "evidence" of crimes never specified.
  • Christ taught, and the church still teaches, that unbelief is the blackest of crimes.
  • It not only saps the foundation of every virtue, but pours upon you a deluge of crimes and evils.
  • High on the list of crimes possible to Registrars and Workers is Sentimentality.
  • Upon a bloody throne I will not sit, Nor share the guilt of crimes which you commit.
  • Last year the Berlin Government published a record of crimes committed in Germany.
  • My virtuous theories and comprehensive erudition would not have saved me from the basest of crimes.
  • Perhaps even now they were seized and accused of crimes for which their tyrannical oppressors might condemn them to death.
  • With us a change of rulers is a remedy for political wrongs that do not belong to the catalogue of crimes.
  • A wise government will punish for the commission of crimes, but a wiser will endeavour to prevent them.
  • He was regarded by the reformers as a criminal, and treated as though he had committed the crime of crimes.
  • It is also a matter of common experience that smokers are often tempted to commit all sorts of crimes.
  • The long list of crimes of this nature that have been punished in due course would be wearisome to repeat.
  • When they became more humane in dealing with offenders, the number of crimes fell off in proportion.
  • In recompense for their scrupulous exactness to fulfil these duties, they were permitted to commit the most frightful of crimes.
  • He imagined that laws were made as well to secure the people from the suffering of injuries as to restrain them from the commission of crimes.
  • They were savages at a low point of cultivation, and theft and murder were not considered by them in the light of crimes.
  • The anarchical revolts of 1851, are only a sequence of crimes committed upwards of half a century ago.
  • The footpads and highwaymen who were transported to this country either found new modes of crimes or ceased their evil deeds.

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  • Indians convicted of crimes he ordered hanged.
  • To continue doing so would be the worst of crimes.
  • Destruction is not the having committed a certain number of crimes.
  • Why is the trial of crimes to be held in the state where committed?
  • These men have all been convicted of crimes of violence against the person.
  • It does not involve the recognition of crimes or even of grave faults.
  • Beneath this great enormity a host of crimes may be vaguely distinguished.
  • They have regarded as virtues some things which seem to us the worst of crimes.
  • Many priests were deported, on account of crimes which varied in enormity.
  • This, in the calendar of bookish misdemeanors, is the crime of crimes.
  • There's a man I know of who had a record sheet of crimes.
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