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  • It was kind of dark.
  • Of dark nights at sea.
  • But there was a thing of dark magic here.
  • Their garments are all of dark and sombre hues.
  • This was followed by days of dark despondency.
  • They were standing under a clump of dark firs.
  • It was a surface of dark blue water.
  • My picture is full of dark colors.
  • A lot of dark ways are cheerful.
  • A handsome bowl of dark ware.
  • Here in this city of dark lawless passions!
  • Obtain a yard of dark brown calico.
  • He is of dark complexion with white hair.
  • Secondly, opposition of dark and light.
  • Veins dilated with accumulation of dark colored blood.
  • The dispersion of dark pigment on the flanks is variable.
  • All else was a chaos of uncertainty and of dark menace.
  • Flints consist of dark-coloured cryptocrystalline silica.
  • With a look of dark triumph he clapped his hands.
  • The interval of dark was surprisingly short-lived.
  • The sky is full of dark snow-clouds.
  • We decided to make it of dark red paving brick.
  • Pipe of dark greenstone, highly polished.
  • A flood of dark figures boiled across the open.
  • Front panel of dark green forming part of head drapery.
  • He swung out of the house, full of dark thoughts.
  • A huge bowl of dark red roses quickened his perceptions.
  • A low wide-mouthed vase of dark gray compact ware.
  • A bowl of dark porous ware, very nicely made.
  • Celt of dark-gray slate; edge nicely sharpened.
  • Hermann saw a fresh complexion, and a pair of dark eyes.
  • They had lively eyes, and a profusion of dark curly hair.
  • Her coat was of dark blue, lined with steel-gray taffeta.
  • A bottle-shaped vessel of dark, rudely finished ware.
  • The conjure-man dies; a mystery tale of dark Harlem.

How To Use Of Dark In A Sentence?

  • The flooring of dark oak, square carpeting R., of stage.
  • Winter breathed across the land now with the coming of dark.
  • Remained a stain of dark red on the sidewalk where he had been sitting.
  • Ahead of her stood the enemy in unbroken ranks of dark warriors.
  • It coiled about her head in silken strands of dark richness.
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