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  • He was a pupil of David.
  • Where is the throne of David?
  • He was to be of the house of David.
  • Something snapped in the heart of David.
  • Instantly the hand of David paused.
  • But the face of David was iron.
  • Matilda is making a fool of David.
  • No one had news of David.
  • The restraint of David snapped.
  • The nostrils of David quivered.
  • Would her tidings of David rouse him?
  • Two of these objects are from the vicinity of David.
  • But was the throne of David in heaven?
  • Of the throne of David not a word.
  • Lend an ear unto the song of David.
  • The deep cry of David wakened her.
  • Every step she took was into the soul of David.
  • At this the face of David clouded a little.
  • The gentle hands of David raised her to her feet.
  • This wicked son of David slew all his brethren.
  • There was not a shade of evil temper in the face of David.
  • The long reign of David was drawing to a close.
  • She had neither seen nor heard anything of David.
  • Over the face of David fell a sudden radiance.
  • They answered, the son of David.
  • But the empire of David was hardly longer lived.
  • The irony passed harmless by the raised head of David.
  • This vessel comes from 30 miles north-northwest of David.
  • It is the tone of the Psalms of David.
  • And Absalom met the servants of David.
  • He was in all respects the antipode of David of Eden.
  • The city of David where Christ was born.
  • Why does the harp of David soothe the insanity of Saul?
  • He affected to be the son of David and the Saviour of men.
  • For instance, take the case of David in Ps.

How To Use Of David In A Sentence?

  • They say unto him, The son of David.
  • According to the flesh, He was born of the seed of David.
  • In the reign of David II.
  • Unpublished Poems of David Mignot.
  • Experiences of David Dare in Bible research.
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