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How To Use Of Discovery In A Sentence?

  • They were torn between the excitement of discovery and a very natural apprehension.
  • Yet he thrilled less with this thought than he did with the sheer joy of discovery.
  • King sent in an admirable series of sketches which were most useful in this work of discovery.
  • In this little vessel he resolved to undertake an adventurous voyage of discovery.
  • It is enough to claim for him the merit of discovery in the true sense of the word.
  • They amused themselves with their adventures, and went on endless voyages of discovery.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Of Discovery | Of Discovery Sentence

  • There was no danger of discovery.
  • So he was now on this voyage of discovery.
  • This was the moment of discovery.
  • It had the elation of discovery.
  • A voyage of discovery.
  • There was no danger of discovery.
  • No logic of discovery.
  • I was his by right of discovery.
  • Tom was in great danger of discovery.
  • The chances of discovery were infinitesimal.
  • Risk of discovery in transmitting document.
  • Colonization followed the voyages of discovery.
  • The latter were difficult of discovery.
  • Every toy should be a mine of discovery.
  • And then she set out on a voyage of discovery.
  • Ralph saw the danger of discovery.
  • She lived in continual dread of discovery.
  • Out of it we get the constant pleasure of discovery.
  • He could not run such a risk of discovery again.
  • You see marriage is a kind of voyage of discovery.
  • After awhile she set about making a journey of discovery.
  • The period of discovery by accident has long gone by.
  • But after the first shock of discovery it seemed feasible.
  • Initial moment of discovery, 276.
  • She was a woman, and embarked on a voyage of discovery.
  • His design is rich, original, and full of discovery.
  • Gallatin, Mr., his doctrine of discovery, 109.
  • This tide of discovery by navigators flowed on without intermission.
  • He would take his chance of discovery at the hands of his captain.
  • That no other commissions for expeditions of discovery be given for ten years.
  • The restlessness of unsatisfied longing crept over the joy of discovery.
  • She then rolls it into a lump, and starts with it on a voyage of discovery.
  • We can't claim this region by the right of discovery.
  • Yet, how few voyages of discovery have terminated without bloodshed!
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