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  • It is there pointed out that the question of diversity of tongues is a very difficult one.
  • The discussion was a true babel of diversity, which continued for a long time and came to nothing.
  • Again, the opposites themselves may vary from the least degree of diversity up to contradictory opposition.
  • The latter is full of diversity of expression underlain by a thrill of mad eagerness brought out with a terrible truth.
  • The causes of diversity which interfere with the action of heredity may operate, as we have seen, at the moment of conception, or subsequent to conception.
  • So in man is later evolved the next aspect, that of A'nanda, where unity is recognised instead of diversity.
  • Where there is no conception of its moral significance, the repulsive possesses for the poet's consciousness the aesthetic value of diversity and contrast.
  • Unity of plan everywhere lies hidden under the mask of diversity of structure--the complex is everywhere evolved out of the simple.
  • But the set of adjustments, by which their duties come back to them as the exercise and enjoyment of right, produces an appearance of diversity: and this diversity is increased by the variety of shapes which value assumes in the course of exchange, though it remains intrinsically the same.
  • But leaving out even such extreme instances of diversity, the mere division in culture and mental habits, dividing individuals of the same race but of different classes, tends largely to exclude the possibility of at least the nobler and more enduring forms of sex emotion.
  • There is not, therefore, complete indifference between Them; and so number does come in--number which we explained was the result of diversity of substrates.
  • Its geological formation presents on a small scale all the principal strata from the oldest to the most recent, a fact which secures great diversity within a compact area, an area too compact to allow of divergences of population being produced by differences of geological formation; so that it enjoys the advantages of diversity without its drawbacks.
  • The causes of diversity which operate at the instant of conception depend, says Ribot, "less upon the physical and moral natures of the parents than on the particular state in which they are at the moment of procreation.
  • In the street, however, not only do we behold these different degrees of civilization, but those problems of diversity, which the highest form of existing civilization developes--the diversities of extreme poverty, and extreme wealth, for instance.
  • Here is no lack of diversity, here are studies in unity, both simple and complex, and here, too, even civilized man need not necessarily be unpicturesque; witness Launt Thompson's 'Trapper,' Rogers's bits of petrified history, or Eastman Johnson's vivid delineations of scenes familiar to us all.
  • M. Ribot gives three causes of diversity, which are: 1--Antagonistic heredities of two parents; 2--Accidental causes in action at the moment of generation; 3--External and internal influences subsequent to conception.
  • Now all, I think, will agree that it must serve some biological purpose--this at least seems to be the conclusion to be drawn from the two outstanding features of "diversity" and "specific character"; and since the voices of different individuals of the same species vary, it has been suggested that, by creating a more effective pairing situation, it is serviceable in furthering the life of the individual.
  • In other words, it is a fact to be reckoned with in considering the traits of diversity, interaction, and change which have been enumerated as among the traits taken for granted in all scientific subject-matter."[274] The doctrine that plurality, interaction, change, and evolution are permanent traits of reality gains in clearness when contrasted with the opposed theories which involve creation, absolute origins, or temporal ultimates.
  • Ribot, who, in his "Heredity,"[57:A] when criticising Dr. Lucas' explanation of the origin of the numerous exceptions to the law of heredity, as being due to the operation of the law of spontaneity, affirms that there is no law of spontaneity, but that all such exceptions may be explained by reference to certain causes of diversity.
  • Let him hear that Truth and Right, although each is, in its essential nature, a simple unity, and _therefore_ imperially exclusive in its claims, and _therefore_ intolerant of plurality, of multiplicity, of diversity, yet that each of these high attributes of the eternal and the ideal is the mistress not only of man's god-like intellect, but also of his heart and will.
  • that pious and moral founder of the apostolic Episcopal Church,--there was passed by the parliament of England an act entitled "An act for abolishing of diversity of opinion."

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  • Here was a natural source of diversity of sentiment.
  • And strange they are, and of diversity enough.
  • , in central New York, there exists a great degree of diversity.
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