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  • Two of the other fragments are apparently intended to represent the heads of dogs.
  • Probably it was first treed with the aid of dogs and then shot with bow and arrow.

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  • It was the barking of dogs.
  • He was very fond of dogs.
  • Durant knew the ways of dogs.
  • There were also breeders of dogs.
  • Clouds do not fear the barking of dogs.
  • The barking of dogs was heard.
  • Coons are only killed with the help of dogs.
  • It could not be the barking of dogs!
  • Sometimes there are images of dogs also.
  • Talk about the companionship of dogs and cats!
  • They were followed by a large pack of dogs.
  • He fired into the middle of the pack of dogs.
  • There seemed no end to this plague of dogs.
  • I recall that the master was not fond of dogs.
  • Now to be set up here and shot down like a couple of dogs!
  • The barking of dogs was heard some distance ahead.
  • The din of dogs and men swelled high.
  • Drew on the instinct of dogs, 98-100.
  • As a general rule a negro was safe from the bite of dogs.
  • To dream of dogs and horses is a sign of good luck.
  • He was a fine hunter, and had plenty of dogs.
  • Since death is end of dogs, or good or bad.
  • He was a hunter also, and he had a brace or two of dogs.
  • Jack had a team of dogs, the best within hundreds of miles.
  • The use of dogs is referred to (see p. 33).
  • They discovered the island of Dogs, in latitude 15 deg.
  • Two columns of dogs as a Local Industry.
  • Has fear of dogs.
  • Gladys is afraid of dogs and she screams when she sees a mouse.
  • Eventually they got a couple of dogs, and were more at ease.
  • Taste follows smell in the case of dogs and other greedy animals.
  • I don't love men to have fear of dogs.
  • In the popular idea they are a pack of dogs yelping through the air.
  • The walls were decorated with designs of yachts and pictures of dogs.
  • The artist who painted this picture was a great friend of dogs.
  • Deer and pig are sometimes hunted by large parties with the aid of dogs.
  • A great deal has been made of the use of dogs in some prison camps.
  • The coachman was complaining as it is, that his place is full of dogs.
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