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  • An instinct of flight was on him.
  • She had no intention of flight.
  • The physical basis of flight.
  • The panic of flight had seized her.
  • The lady did not think of flight.
  • It was useless to think of flight.
  • A marvel is her wondrous speed of flight.
  • Who shall tell of the pleasures of flight!
  • A friend perfected a plan of flight.
  • He had abandoned all thought of flight and escape.
  • There was a vague motive in that impulse of flight.
  • The great conquistador at least had no thought of flight.
  • Volant: flying or capable of flight.
  • About this time the air was full of rumours of flight.
  • The poetry of flight; an anthology.
  • His purpose of flight had for the moment become obscure.
  • Duration of flight 3-1/2 hours.
  • Which he did, and his going savored strongly of flight.
  • He was a figure of flight, a broken soldier.
  • She thought of flight....
  • Though they have wings, they seem incapable of flight.
  • The toils of flight, or some severer woe!
  • When he was up and about, the idea of flight would return.
  • The thought of flight lay like a wounded bird in his brain.
  • From this moment, not another word was said of flight.
  • Anne of Austria had indeed been on the point of flight.
  • He no longer dreamt of flight with Florence.
  • George left Princeton with a sense of flight.
  • It was not the exultant Ryder of that first hour of flight.
  • Promoters of flight; Mr. Holt Thomas.
  • Pioneers of flight.
  • Symbol of flight.
  • The turmoil of his passions drove him to the thoughts of flight.
  • His other adviser would not have even the appearance of flight.
  • Terror had lent them wings of flight and deprived them of reason.

How To Use Of Flight In A Sentence?

  • His name will always be remembered in the history of flight.
  • She turned again to run, for her only thought now was of flight.
  • The thought of flight from a peril of sweetness he banished instantly.
  • Here we found many articles which had been left in the hurry of flight.
  • A determination strong as had been that former idea of flight impelled her.
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