Of Gold In A Sentence

How To Use Of Gold In A Sentence?

  • They are cradled in cradles of gold.
  • Not even a color of gold.
  • The background is a plate of gold.
  • The sight of gold was too much for them.
  • Just a plain band of gold.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Of Gold | Of Gold Sentence

  • With spurs of gold.
  • Truly this was a deed of gold.
  • A bit of gold there.
  • The watch was of gold.
  • Thy house is of gold.
  • Stretch out their rods of gold.
  • These were the hunters of gold.
  • The image was of gold.
  • It is the strand of gold!
  • That is the bags of gold.
  • Beside the street of gold.
  • Each was full of gold.
  • Cyanide of gold is formed.
  • What hearts of gold are theirs!
  • What were mines of gold to this?
  • Suppose it were full of gold!
  • Go and join the seekers of gold.
  • Some of these articles were made of gold.
  • There she touched the bag of gold.
  • Down fell the pot of gold.
  • And take my purse of gold.
  • Had it anything to do with the city of gold?
  • They gave each other rings of gold.
  • The peplos tissue of gold was not for her.
  • He had no need of gold or jewels.
  • There was only the slightest dribble of gold.
  • What heaps of gold he had in his bundle!
  • There is plenty of gold in this valley.
  • A brace of bags of gold.
  • It is not so with the value of gold and silver.
  • With little clasps of gold.
  • You confess that you are very fond of gold.
  • It resembled a sea of gold.
  • My beauty in a shop of gold.
  • Spurs of gold gleamed in the sun.
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