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  • The meadows of green.
  • There is not a patch of green left on them.
  • But in that direction there was only a mass of green.
  • Beneath the table was a scrap of green.
  • A curtain of green and other stories.
  • Sitting on a bank of green was the girl.
  • A curtain of green and other stories.
  • A rose of green glass.
  • He was scared a sort of green.
  • To noonday growths of green.
  • Then her face came out of a mist of green.
  • All the poles were of green pine or spruce.
  • The forest still in its glory of green.
  • His complexion held a tint of green.
  • The garden was a rich mass of green.
  • In their liquid realm of green and gray.
  • But now she wore no coarse gown of green.
  • She was dressed in a curious shade of green.
  • Why will you wear that gorgeous scarf of green?
  • They are real monuments of green stuff.
  • He wore a garment of green brocade.
  • The clumps of green trees became more plain.
  • Top and tail two quarts of green gooseberries.
  • In almost every eye there is a touch of green.
  • The trimming for archery costumes is usually of green.
  • But the grayness was unbroken by a single ray of green.
  • I see a glimpse of green lawn and some poinsettias!
  • And floods of green and tempests of new blossoms!
  • A fragment of green bark flew aloft.
  • They were built of green timber cut for the purpose.
  • It was one faultless mirror of green leaves.
  • There is not left the smallest bit of green leaf in it.
  • My eyes wandered to those curtains of green plush.
  • Then colour it by putting in some leaves of green mint.
  • The blueberry bushes were stripped bare of green.

How To Use Of Green In A Sentence?

  • Had her guest seen the snow tops of green slopes?
  • Two lumps of green glass or metal hang from the arch.
  • I had often heard of the moon being made of green cheese.
  • With the soft mute comfort of green things growing.
  • This time it was one of green velvet with brown marten.
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