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  • Can we expect better of groups than of the individuals of which the groups are composed?
  • I propose now to discuss very briefly the peculiarities of groups of several types.
  • The subject of groups and grouping will be considered in full later on in this work.
  • There are depicted a series of groups of mystical and real personages in a most curious fashion.
  • They may be divided into a number of groups or series, each being named from its first member.
  • Nations have been governed by the motives that have always dominated the relations of groups to one another.
  • One thinks of a grouping of groups of Republics, building up a United States of Eastern Europe.
  • Furthermore, the production of groups of mammals or birds suitable for scientific museums was generally considered an impossibility.
  • The field open to the conscientious and really artistic taxidermist in the preparation of groups is a wide and deeply interesting one.
  • This is accomplished through the agency of groups of bacteria, which form colonies in little tubercles on the roots of the plants.
  • The importance of such interaction of groups lies chiefly in the fact that it greatly promotes the self-knowledge and self-sentiment of each group.
  • It is not, and it did not set out to be, a finished picture, with a due subordination of groups and backgrounds.
  • We know they are wanting, and with the development of groups among us, they will be found still more wanting.
  • One effect of the establishment of groups of monopolies will be to increase the number of persons dependent for their livelihood on the State.
  • They may be classified by shape into a number of groups, each of which, however, will be found to grade more or less completely into the others.
  • The Ornithosauria are one of a series of groups of animals, living and extinct, which have been combined in an alliance named the Ornithomorpha.
  • Associations of groups on posts at edges of fields, in trees or in flight were ephemeral as each bird seemed driven by a restless urge to be in motion.
  • Some classification of groups seems desirable as an aid to the discovery of the general principles of collective life and their application to the understanding of social life in general.
  • Any enthusiasm either of groups or societies in which the individual ego loses itself is grand, but the mighty enthusiasm of a powerful people is overwhelming.
  • In Germany and France single-member constituencies have not arrested the development of groups with national, religious, or sectional programmes.
  • Only when correlation coefficients are very high can their indications be applied in the guidance of individuals (as distinguished from the selection of groups) with safety and justice.
  • Did you suppose it was changed by magic, or by Acts of Parliament, or by the action of groups on persons, and not of persons on groups?
  • The increasing tendency of groups of nations to formalize relationships which enable them to co-operate in matters of mutual interest suggests that eventually all nations could overcome this paralysis.
  • Hence the relations of sympathy and sentiment are essentially limited to two persons only, and they cannot be made a basis for the relations of groups of persons, or for discussion by any third party.
  • There are several vital principles which apply to all kinds of groups, both large and small, and we must consider these before proceeding to discuss the different kinds of groups.
  • Not far from this is a singular ruin, consisting of groups of small columns standing in rows five abreast, the tallest being not more than six feet high.
  • In this book I have sketched the principles of the mental life of groups and have made a rough attempt to apply these principles to the understanding of the life of nations.
  • However, it is a careless exaggeration to state, as is frequently stated, that the attitude of groups to economic legislation must inevitably be determined by their economic interest.
  • In the preparation of groups of this class, the ambitious taxidermist has before him almost as great a variety of subjects as has the sculptor, since his work is subject to precisely the same general rules.
  • At present (1891) the series consists of groups composed almost wholly of species found in the State of New York.
  • In the first the compartments are occupied by a favorite Chiriquian motive, which consists of groups of lines curled up at one end like unfolding fronds.
  • This probably takes place by deviations in the structure of what Weismann calls determinants, or of groups of determinants, through rearrangement of their primary units.
  • Never mark the outline of ground, nor the shape of groups of trees and shrubs with formal rows of bedding plants or other stiff edging, which is the almost universal practice of gardeners in the present day.
  • There is a core to every subject, every group of subjects and every group of groups, however numerous and complex: let all the scribes labor to find it for us.
  • Nationalism, growing stronger, became the supreme force dominating the motives and interests of men and governing the formation of groups, or at least the actions of groups as interrelated units.
  • Beds of limestone, for example, can often be traced for leagues in several directions; and if this be the case with certain single beds, it is still more true of groups of strata.
  • But, instead of the earth-covered lodges used farther north, their fixed villages were composed of groups of high circular structures, entirely thatched from bottom to top.

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  • The formation of groups.
  • Presently there was a little shifting of groups.
  • They consist of groups of lines, more or less resembling our Fig.
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