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  • They were met at the base by the whole army of Henry.
  • The camp of Henry presented another scene.
  • He caught sight of Henry in the workshop door.
  • He had ample time to think of Henry and the past.
  • As they came up the stairs they heard the voice of Henry.
  • Autobiography of Henry Steffens.
  • Chapel of Henry the Seventh.
  • Recollections of Henry James.
  • Is it of Henry of Navarre?
  • It was the work of Henry Clay.
  • His murder of Henry the Sixth.
  • At the grave of Henry James.
  • The murder of Henry the Sixth.
  • It did not escape the notice of Henry Ware.
  • Says the old bold mate of Henry Morgan.
  • In the early part of the reign of Henry I.
  • The son of Henry Ironsyde will keep his promise.
  • The Morrises were chiefly concerned over the fate of Henry.
  • The jests of Henry Pinchers were of infinite charm.
  • For example, there is the experience of Henry and Mary.
  • Friend of animals; the story of Henry Bergh.
  • At nine bells, being the odyssey of Henry Paxton.
  • Nowhere was there any trace of Henry Jekyll, dead or alive.
  • From the reign of Henry IV.
  • We have now to relate that of Henry IV.
  • During the minority of Henry VI.
  • Taking care of Henry Clay, too, sir?
  • In the reign of Henry II.
  • Early in the reign of Henry IV.
  • The widow of Henry II.
  • In the reign of Henry II.
  • Sybilla, daughter of Henry I, 17.
  • Take the struggle of Henry II.
  • The portrait of Henry II.
  • During the reign of Henry II.

How To Use Of Henry In A Sentence?

  • With the accession of Henry II.
  • By the death of Henry II.
  • After the death of Henry IV.
  • The burial of Henry VI.
  • In the reign of Henry VI.
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