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  • In 1849 a new building was erected at the southwest corner of Houston and Mott Streets.
  • The helminths parasitic in the Amphibia and Reptilia of Houston, Texas and vicinity.
  • The part of Houston Street east of the Bowery was, prior to November, 1833, called North Street.
  • Mr. Masterson threw the loop of a lariat over the head of Houston and fastened him, hopples and all, to the buckboard.
  • It was a large establishment located on the corner of Houston and Mulberry Streets, where she accommodated boarding pupils as well as day scholars.
  • There was a decided air of mystery about the new occupant of the parlor-floor suite, or at least so it appeared to Miss Husted of Houston Street.
  • On March 2, 1863, Houston was seventy, and in response to an ovation in his own city of Houston, he made a short, broken little speech.
  • Then Mr. Masterson, taking a spare cinch from his war-bags, to the disgust of Houston, proceeded with more blankets to construct a pillion upon which Ruth Pemberton might ride behind him.
  • As Von Barwig turned the corner of Houston Street and the Bowery, he glanced at the clock in the watchmaker's on the corner.
  • He started up, for his dream had come to an end, and he came back to earth again, back into the world of Houston Street, back to the Bowery, to Costello, to the Museum, to his nightly labour for his daily bread.
  • On Sunday, September 16th, the plant of the Merchants' and Planters' Oil Company of Houston, Texas, of which Rice owned seventy-five per cent.
  • St. Louis was much interested in the Texan war of independence, and from its stores supplies went to the followers of Houston, while many of the younger men of the community left to join the Lone Star warriors in their struggle.
  • Even the old house, now situated in an exceedingly unfashionable quarter, held a place in her affections because years before it had been a part of fashionable New York, and she felt quite proud because she was known as Miss Houston of Houston Street.
  • Why, the inside gang of the Southern Pacific--you'll keep this a professional secret, of course--has told us that they'll take coal from us for their whole system west of Houston.
  • Early the following morning Jesse visited Police Head-quarters and for the first time met George Ellis, Chief of Police of Houston, for whom he will always have a feeling of deep gratitude for his enthusiastic cooperation and loyalty in the many stirring events that followed.
  • Coll.; obtained on July 3, 1900, by W. H. Osgood from north end of Prevost Island (Kunghit Island on some maps) on coast of Houston Stewart Channel, Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia.
  • Jesse meantime had returned from Austin to discover that Dodge with his companions, Kaffenburgh and Bracken, had slipped out of Houston early in the morning of February 11th, after disposing of Herlihy and eluding the watchfulness of Herlihy's assistants.
  • Being must of course be a bad one, because concealment in this case implies guilt in the concealing party: so that the charge of blasphemy is justly retorted upon the legislature and upon the prosecuting party in this case of R. Carlile, and also in the preceding cases of Houston, the reputed author of Ecce Homo, of Williams, who was Paine's printer of the Age of Reason, of Daniel Isaac Eaton, too, and others.
  • He died there on his plantation, June 2nd, 1877, leaving a son, Jacamiah Seaman Daugherty, now of Houston, Texas, who married Maggie C. Bryan, of Lexington, Kentucky, daughter of Daniel Bryan and sister of Joseph Bryan, M. D., who, while in charge of some hospital in New York, first applied plaster of paris in the treatment of sprains and fractures.
  • "Here I am in the middle of Houston Street, giving music instructions for fifty cents per lesson, playing out nights in a dime museum, and yet my heart, my mind is with this daughter of a great millionaire.

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  • The town of Houston is named after him.
  • Everybody talked of Houston and Crockett and
  • "Why, I was pointed out by everybody as Miss Houston of Houston Street.
  • , I could recommend him; everybody knew Miss Houston of Houston Street."

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