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  • Henry was very desirous of increasing and maintaining commercial relations with other countries.
  • The reaction after the war may be in the direction of increasing all the former antagonisms.
  • He took the opportunity of increasing his means by lending money to the provincials.
  • Constance had already thought of increasing the sum she is now paying you, for you earn it.
  • It is the natural result of a diffused knowledge of human rights and of increasing intelligence.
  • And to this evil, instead of increasing it, we ought to apply all the remedies in our power.
  • After a time, being burdened with wealth, he looked about for means of increasing his income.
  • The Serbian army was now only 200,000 strong, and there was no possible hope of increasing it.
  • I reserve to myself the privilege of increasing the quantity to 5,000 boxes, if I see proper.
  • But of late Peter had been conscious of increasing effort in being cheerful before Thomas.
  • So thinking I became aware of increasing light; strode past Yuruk to the door and peeped out.
  • Another means for advancing education was that of increasing the personal efficiency of the teachers themselves.
  • Various measures have since been adopted with the object of increasing their efficiency and security.
  • But there is one other method which has not yet been mentioned of increasing the lifting power of an airplane.
  • Penny sensed that from the woman's attitude of increasing hostility and assurance.
  • They were delighted with the subtle charm they had created, and thought only of increasing its power.
  • He has also done something in the way of increasing the facilities for the education and uplift of his race.
  • The assumption of increasing similarity in the character of these pairs of tests would seem gratuitous.
  • A comprehensive estimate of the powers of the mind can be made and they can be arranged in a series of increasing value.
  • Apparently its branches had penetrated to another world than this, some sphere of increasing melody.
  • Then the traveller must recommence the work from the very beginning, under the disadvantage of increasing darkness.
  • Take through alcohols of increasing strength up to absolute, keeping in each strength for twenty-four hours.
  • It was a delicate process, this business of increasing throughput without harming the guest experience.
  • This is a necessary result of increasing mechanical powers and of the economy of big businesses as compared to small ones.
  • Natural relations among the ingredients of a duration gain in complexity as we consider durations of increasing temporal extension.
  • Let us straighten them out with a thousand precautions, for fear of increasing the evil instead of diminishing it.
  • But a shadow of increasing darkness fell upon the human mind as art proceeded to still more perfect realization.
  • BIXBY: I would really like to see something definite on this line of increasing the membership.
  • Before you there lies a problem which no one will settle for you: the problem of increasing production on new social foundations.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Of Increasing | Of Increasing Sentence

  • Why, to a means of increasing the quantity of cash.
  • Effect of increasing Town-life upon Mortality.
  • In spite of this he thought only of increasing his wealth.
  • This construction was for the purpose of increasing the acoustic properties.
  • Then he wandered on into sixthlies and seventhlies of increasing length.
  • As this is an impossibility, they are aware of increasing dissatisfaction.
  • There seemed no way of increasing her food-getting efficiency.
  • He was full of increasing discomfort that almost amounted to apprehension.
  • In the meantime the clergy continued to show signs of increasing irritation.
  • With the lengthening days Chi showed signs of increasing restlessness.
  • In "The Gingerbread Man" the pattern is one of increasing additions.
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