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  • It has a thriving colony of Jews.
  • The damned pack of Jews!
  • How many people think of Jews in this way!
  • Mesopotamia, as a place for colonization of Jews, 157.
  • At this stage it looked upon Christians as a sect of Jews.
  • Stories and Legends of Jews in Russia.
  • This was attributed to the presence of Jews in large numbers.
  • The troops here have been warned of an intended massacre of Jews.
  • Dozens of Jews made their appearance and bought our old clothes.
  • Where the number of Jews is very great the appeal is made to racial hatred.
  • The diamond cutting industry was largely in the hands of Jews in Lisbon.
  • The history of the settlement of Jews in Rome, is naturally obscure.
  • No trace has been found of Jews in England prior to the Norman Conquest.
  • Castelar, Emilio, sketch of, 365; on the expulsion of Jews from Spain, 366.
  • We read in the New Testament of Jews scattered all over the Roman Empire.
  • Napoleon I, and the Jews, 2; convokes council of Jews at Paris, 3, 4, 412.
  • Tartars, Parthians, Turks, &c. Figures of Jews on Egyptian Monuments.

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  • The siege had lasted four months, and in this time one million of Jews had perished.
  • Commission to investigate treatment of Jews in Russia, report of, 107, 108.
  • The Catholic religion predominates, but the number of Jews and Socinians is great.
  • Though a ruler of Jews, he was yet in his sins; The first step towards heaven he never had taken.
  • The Holy Spirit comes down upon the nation of Jews in simple, tremendous, converting power.
  • No wonder there is great joy among the masses of Jews and that they too see a better day looming up for their people.
  • And this gave a catholicity to their development and a standard for their teaching which the scattered communities of Jews to-day do not possess.
  • As there were at least three millions of Jews, there must have been at least twenty-one millions of people already in that country.
  • So dreadful was the cruelty of their tormentors, that great numbers of Jews committed self-destruction to avoid falling into their hands.
  • They were known at Rome only by the general name of Jews, about whom the government gave itself no concern.
  • The number of Jews who lived to be above eighty and even ninety is strikingly larger than among the Gentiles.
  • Matamoros is now infested with numbers of Jews, whose industry spoils the trade of the established merchants, to the great rage of the latter.
  • The present population is largely composed of Jews, about two-thirds of the inhabitants being descendants of Abraham.
  • He had few of the moral or external qualities of Jews; for I suppose there is some justice in the obloquy that follows them so closely.
  • Consider, besides, that when the soldiers gave the coup de grace to the two robbers, that they did not break the legs of Jews.
  • Alexandria soon took precedence of existing settlements of Jews, and became a great centre of Jewish life.
  • In the 69th Regiment a special corps of Jews was clothed in the discarded, dark uniform that was more visible to the enemy.
  • By the intermarriage of Jews remaining in the country with these foreigners a mixed race, called Samaritans, sprang up.
  • Not only so, but it is charged that the non-Bolshevist Socialist parties are mainly composed of Jews.
  • Battalions of free thinkers and regiments of Jews And some of water drinkers, And some that hit the booze.
  • About five in the evening we arrived at Frankfort, which is a city yet older than Mayence, and full of Jews.
  • The Yugoslavs, with a far smaller number of Jews and no Jewish outcry, were concerned only for the principle of independence.
  • The Christians had there to contend with a new set of Jews, who, in consequence of intercourse with the Greeks, had become philosophers.
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