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  • He advanced many doctrines at variance with even the political radicalism of Kansas.
  • It was first seen in the western part of Kansas, at an altitude of about sixty miles.
  • He can get more vinegar on the outside of his face than any other person in the State of Kansas.
  • The State of Kansas possessed many attractions for our oppressed and wronged people.
  • Fully one-half of this loss, they thought, was directly sustained by actual settlers of Kansas.
  • But Douglas could not bear to see the wishes of the settlers of Kansas outraged.
  • What may be called the real-estate history of Kansas City is peculiarly interesting.

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  • History of the birds of Kansas.
  • Pleistocene geology of Kansas.
  • Nearly all of them were citizens of Kansas.
  • Preliminary list of Kansas fishes.
  • Handbook of amphibians and reptiles of Kansas.
  • I hate the very name of Kansas.
  • Subspeciation in pocket gophers of Kansas.
  • Check-list of the birds of Kansas.
  • Second series of notes on the fishes of Kansas.
  • In one county of Kansas a woman is probate judge.
  • The small cities and large towns of Kansas yearn for you.
  • Such is the condition of Kansas faintly pictured....
  • Thaine Aydelot had never been outside of Kansas before.
  • The great State of Kansas has opened those mines.
  • Then she tried to make a slave State of Kansas.
  • The funds of the State of Kansas were not drawn upon.
  • The first plat of the "Town of Kansas" was filed in 1839.
  • A new jumping mouse from the Upper Pliocene of Kansas.
  • I hopped off at Argentine, just outside of Kansas City.
  • The Striped Temperance Society of Kansas is a success.
  • Member of the English Faculty, University of Kansas.
  • The University of Kansas Natural History Reservation.
  • Mammals of Kansas.
  • I'm a citizen of Kansas.
  • Some distributional and ecological records of Kansas reptiles.
  • They were for the prairies, especially the prairies of Kansas.
  • She was attending an agricultural fair in the beautiful young state of Kansas.
  • The sunny plains of Kansas were fair and full of growing in the spring of 1898.
  • Supporting the men of the opposite camp was even the Legislature of Kansas.
  • The University of Kansas specimens showed no indication of breeding.
  • After passing through the high school he entered the University of Kansas.
  • It was the time of Kansas City's great boom.
  • The tree squirrels of Kansas: Ecology and economic importance.
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