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  • The people of Minnesota did not expend much trouble or time to find out what had become of them.
  • Here, in the south of Minnesota, one is only on the verge of that great wheat region.
  • Like all the waters of Minnesota, they teem with fine, gamey fish of many varieties.
  • The missionary period is one full of interest in the history of the State of Minnesota.
  • From the mines of Minnesota to the swamps of Louisiana came goods to serve its need.
  • The Central Committee of Minnesota wished him to come there and assist in their canvass.
  • The citizen of Minnesota can do likewise in New-York, and so of each and in all the States.
  • But the organic act of Minnesota contained one provision never before found in any that preceded it.
  • They are the New Yankees, these Scandinavians of Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Dakotas.
  • In the early days of Minnesota its agricultural population was largely centered in the southeastern portion of the state.
  • Prior to 1855 the public lands of Minnesota were unsurveyed, and no title could be acquired to them.
  • The State of Minnesota will try to get along without any assistance from the war department in the future.
  • This majority was increased to four by the admission of Minnesota in 1858, and to six by the admission of Oregon in 1859.
  • The Territory of Minnesota was organized in 1849, and immediately presented to the world a very attractive field for immigration.
  • Last days of Wisconsin Territory, and Early Days of Minnesota Territory, by Hon.
  • The first court-house that was erected within the present limits of Minnesota was at Stillwater, in the year 1847.

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  • Reptiles and amphibians of Minnesota.
  • The salubrity of Minnesota is phenomenal.
  • Department of Zooelogy of Minnesota.
  • Department of Meteorology of Minnesota.
  • Department of Geology of Minnesota.
  • Department of Botany of Minnesota.
  • Description of Minnesota (1850), by Hon.
  • North of Iowa was the free Territory of Minnesota.
  • Early Courts of Minnesota, by Hon.
  • Sioux of Minnesota and Sacs of Illinois hastened forward.
  • Bibliography of Minnesota, by J. Fletcher Williams.
  • History of Minnesota, by Edward D. Neill.
  • Nests very abundantly in the marshes of Minnesota and northward.
  • The passage of this act was the first step in the creation of Minnesota.
  • A large portion of Minnesota is covered with exceptionally fine timber.
  • Early Schools of Minnesota, by D. A. J. Baker.
  • University of Minnesota (PPW); 15Feb60; R252267.
  • Up to the year 1893 the State of Minnesota had no distinctive state flag.
  • University of Minnesota (PWH); 13Mar61; R272358.
  • University of Minnesota (PPW); 15Feb60; R252266.
  • What is thus true of Minnesota, is pre-eminently so of our Garden.
  • SEYMOUR, E. S. (1) Sketches of Minnesota.
  • History and Physical Geography of Minnesota, by H. R. Schoolcraft.
  • Concise History of the State of Minnesota, by Edward D. Neill, 1887.
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