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  • What was the extent of Oregon in 1847?
  • Tillamook goes by its own name with no mention of Oregon.
  • The mammals and life zones of Oregon.
  • The status of Oregon had long been in doubt.
  • The timber of Oregon is of world-wide fame.
  • Narcissa Whitman, pioneer of Oregon.
  • Pacific coast of Oregon and British Columbia.
  • SEE First National Bank of Oregon.
  • Eleven such base lines, for example, run across the great state of Oregon.
  • An act to protect the stock-growing interests of the State of Oregon.
  • A browner variety found on the coast of Oregon and northern California.
  • Exp., VI, 198, 218, 1846 (or Iakon, coast of Oregon).
  • The friendly Pierced Noses of Oregon had broken the peace chain.
  • In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for Multnomah County.
  • First National Bank of Oregon (PWH); 3Sep68; R441725.

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  • The entire southeastern part of Oregon was occupied by tribes of Shoshoni extraction.
  • The coast of Oregon was visited both by British and Spanish navigators in the sixteenth century.
  • These were often hummed to sleep by the pines of Oregon, those were New England lumbermen.
  • It was largely because of this expedition that our government was able, forty years later, to claim and maintain a title to the state of Oregon.
  • These are they to whom the enlightened, educated motherhood of the State of Oregon must look largely for the decision.
  • It is simply a proposition declaring that the right of suffrage shall not hereafter be prohibited in the State of Oregon on account of sex.
  • Then several acquaintances, who were practical mechanics, had heard a good report of Oregon, and desired to accompany us.
  • This majority was increased to four by the admission of Minnesota in 1858, and to six by the admission of Oregon in 1859.
  • The writer described himself as a citizen of Oregon, anxious to avoid delusion and disaster to the Eastern public.
  • Not only is this true in cultured life, but the red men of Oregon have their scalp dances, and green-corn dances, and war dances.
  • During the past year this department, in addition to its other work, prepared and had published a road map of the State of Oregon.
  • In 1848 he had been married to Miss Dent; but in the wilds of Oregon he was separated from his family.
  • Journalist, newspaper owner, author, Mayor of Bend, Ore., and Secretary to the Governor of Oregon.
  • More than that, I loved the work and had made hundreds of friends from every part of Oregon, administering to them in sickness.
  • The steamer will then stop at the wharf of Oregon City, just below the great falls of the Willamette.
  • The reports of this expedition seem to have first directed the attention of traders in the United States to the hunting grounds of Oregon.
  • Their home was the valley and river country of western Idaho, and the near sections of Oregon and Washington.
  • The Governor of the State estimated the product of Oregon in gold and silver in the year 1876 at not less than two million dollars.
  • One of the most beautiful sideboards I ever saw was made of Oregon pine, and the natural wood, well filled and highly polished.
  • In the typical Douglas fir forests of Oregon and Washington, discussed in this booklet, it never does so.
  • In some portions of Oregon it is very abundant, and would be sought for by the sportsman with great assiduity were the regions that it inhabits more accessible.
  • He did desire to be Governor of the Territory of Oregon and was offered this position, but gave it up because his wife refused to live so far away.
  • Never can I forget an incident which occurred at the time when a war with England, on account of Oregon, seemed impending.
  • So, too, did the fine territory of Oregon, out of which three states were afterwards added to the American Union.
  • Such lands have been granted by the United States to the State of Oregon, and are not open to preemption or homesteading.
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