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  • Make the most of physical endowments.
  • This is a period of physical adjustment.
  • Youth is a period of physical crisis.
  • Delay will be a challenge to them of physical combat.
  • The philosophy of physical realism.
  • The waning of physical attraction.
  • And where was the sense of physical rest?
  • This is largely a question of physical health.
  • He was not used to scenes of physical violence.
  • He had a perfect balance of physical health.
  • In this feeling there was nothing of physical fear.
  • We talk of it in terms of physical things.
  • This want of physical strength depresses me.
  • Plato did underestimate the value of physical knowledge.
  • This is the age of physical culture in all its forms.
  • And especially is this true of physical education.
  • It is something like disparity of physical stature.
  • The distress had an effect of physical ruin and disaster.
  • There is evidence of physical as well as moral spirit.
  • A duel of wits rather than of physical contact.
  • She was conscious of pride, of physical freedom.
  • She spoke in a tone of physical as well as menial agony.
  • Habit, regularity of physical, 19.
  • History of Physical Astronomy.
  • Effects of Physical Influences on the Sensitive.
  • Then there is the Silhouette of Physical Suffering.
  • The impaired quality of Physical Life in Towns.
  • Intermediate Text-Book of Physical Science.
  • The Compleat Herbal of Physical Plants.
  • Popular Fallacies in Questions of Physical Science.
  • It has no relation to the possession of physical powers at all.
  • What do you think all those months of physical conditioning were for?
  • Sometimes the cowardly evasion is mental instead of physical.
  • This cannot be discovered merely by examination of physical laws.
  • There are laws of political as well as of physical gravitation.
  • The sum of these sensations was for me a state of physical beatitude.
  • It had its foundation in a higher law than that of physical suffering.
  • There is a pathos of physical sensibility and mental inadequacy.
  • A Popular Introduction to the Study of Physical Phenomena.

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  • But such experience should be had only after the attainment of physical and mental maturity.
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