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  • It is a matter of pride.
  • That had been a point of pride with her.
  • I have no thought of pride.
  • Every atom of pride in her was roused.
  • Josiah felt a rush of pride.
  • Patricia felt a thrill of pride.
  • But she was bitter and full of pride.
  • A glow of pride suffused him.
  • She welcomed him with smiles of pride.
  • The tide of pride had ebbed.
  • Thrill after thrill of pride ran through her.
  • But there was a touch of pride to be satisfied first.
  • Gertie introduced her cousin with a touch of pride.
  • With a gesture of pride he struggled against this emotion.
  • I mean of the silly kind of pride.
  • He would not, out of pride.
  • Stella felt a curious thrill of pride in him.
  • What a temptation to the sin of pride in the order!
  • She had got some silly notion of pride in her now.
  • Here a note of pride came into his voice.
  • How silently serene a sea of pride!
  • She made answer with an assumption of pride.
  • The opulent streets were full of pride and sunshine.
  • It paraded the streets with a smile and an air of pride.
  • We cannot go back to an ideal of pride and enjoyment.
  • What a bundle of pride and stuck-up-ishness!
  • I followed her eyes with a certain thrill of pride.
  • Kenny felt a passionate thrill of pride in his offspring.
  • A proper degree of pride is the secret of independence.
  • Hentzi took this look of scrutiny to be one of pride.
  • Indeed, it has commonly been a matter of pride with him.
  • Not while her cup still held a drop of pride.
  • There was the madness of pride in every word he uttered.
  • His ill-luck was a cause of pride to the club.
  • Close upon that feeling of pride came another thought.

How To Use Of Pride In A Sentence?

  • She was conscious of pride, of physical freedom.
  • He faced his dread ordeal with a look of pride on his face.
  • It is an amazing thing, the strength and power of pride.
  • And what has become of Pride?
  • Fallen is the brow of Pride!
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