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How To Use Of Proof In A Sentence?

  • Frame a proposition in which the burden of proof would not be on the affirmative.
  • That is a classification which is rather difficult of proof and of no importance anyway.
  • He got at our bundles of proof-sheets and he applied himself to them most gravely.
  • Both are simple contracts; the distinction between them is in the mode of proof.
  • In all other cases, the burthen of proof is supposed to lie with the affirmative.
  • Neither this statement, nor the assumption based on it, is susceptible of proof.
  • The latter may not be susceptible of proof, but everything is consistent therewith.
  • In the case of one of these arguments show how the burden of proof might change with the argument.
  • She knew that it would be hard to convince anyone of her origin without some sort of proof.
  • Here was plenty of proof that an unusual amount of this gas had given this sun its sudden flame.
  • No scholar now dreams of adopting any other method of proof, whatever his doctrinal proclivities.
  • In three subjects which you might choose for an argument show where the burden of proof would lie.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Of Proof | Of Proof Sentence

  • What kind of proof had he?
  • He had not a shadow of proof of her existence.
  • We had had plenty of proof that he needed it.
  • Stringency of proof is here the equivalent of the logical.
  • But in the absence of proof there was nothing to be done.
  • The burden of proof seems to my mind to lie on him.
  • The onus of proof lay with the opposite side.
  • Logic asks; is the judgment capable of proof?
  • I learned that he owned a long string of proof sheets.
  • But this information {66} seems to be impossible of proof.
  • A Fallacy is any failure to fulfil the conditions of proof.
  • A charm of proof.
  • Make it over so that the burden of proof would fall on the affirmative.
  • Hitherto we have dealt with no sort of proof that gives any such assurance.
  • Its truth must be established by a different species of proof.
  • The only adequate mode of proof would be by the prosecution of an actual abuse.
  • The burden of proof rests upon the person making the accusation.
  • We have not far to go in search of proof to verify this sad fact.
  • A similar line of proof would show that religion implies morality.
  • And in this labour of proof, science and philosophy alike take their share.
  • However, realizing she had not a scrap of proof, she wisely remained silent.
  • The bases of its teaching are simply "axioms" which are incapable of proof.
  • He had had plenty of proof that his own judgment of Blodgett was worthless.
  • General character of proof 2 Sec.3.
  • Its existence, though on other lines, is equally susceptible of proof.
  • The scientific purpose of Logic is to assign the conditions of proof.
  • The Dilemma is perhaps the most popularly interesting of all forms of proof.
  • She would, ere the close of that day, sorely need that armour of proof.
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