Of Questions In A Sentence

How To Use Of Questions In A Sentence?

  • Merton tells me he has asked a great number of questions about me.
  • I have abundance of questions to ask about her garments and her appearance.
  • You'll have to answer all sorts of questions.
  • A series of questions suggested itself to the minds of all those present.
  • Dozens of questions swarmed out of the wreckage of his waking consciousness.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Of Questions | Of Questions Sentence

  • Ask her a lot of questions?
  • It is the question of questions.
  • There they were bombarded with a multitude of questions.
  • Rudd and his wife were full of questions.
  • Then they asked him a number of questions.
  • And he asked me a string of questions.
  • Dave asked a score of questions.
  • Others poured out floods of questions.
  • I asked him all sorts of questions.
  • Been asking a lot of questions?
  • She put to herself a series of questions.
  • I must ask you a lot of questions.
  • His mind was a racing turmoil of questions.
  • A volley of questions greeted her from all sides.
  • And the number of questions they ask is astonishing!
  • But the girls interrupted her with a flood of questions.
  • Roger wanted a number of questions answered.
  • There were a number of questions he wanted to ask.
  • My, what a lot of questions!
  • I have never been exposed to such a battery of questions.
  • Then followed all sorts of questions from the old chief.
  • Sometimes the boy roused and asked a series of questions.
  • A number of questions stormed futilely in his brain.
  • A myriad of questions in his brain strove for utterance.
  • Find three examples of questions of fact in science.
  • However, returning to my list of questions.
  • On what sort of questions are party distinctions ignored?
  • Instead, his mind was full of questions.
  • Her eyes were always full of questions. ...
  • This opens up, of course, a whole welter of questions.
  • The sick man asked Fred a number of questions.
  • Then he turned loose on MacRae with a battery of questions.
  • Q. to Queynt, to Querelous, to Quesytife of questions.
  • I have had opportunity to answer all sorts of questions about that.
  • There was a chorus of questions at this and that ended the music.
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