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  • She had not the slightest hope of recovery.
  • They gave up all hope of recovery.
  • Dorales evinced no symptoms of recovery.
  • The hope of recovery lay in open air and sunshine.
  • Grant was worse, without hope of recovery for some months.
  • The pace of recovery should be proportionate to the speed of stroke.
  • The chances of recovery are too slender to deserve my confidence.
  • Her frank statement staggered him almost beyond the power of recovery.
  • To use the legs and feet correctly and at the right moments of recovery.
  • Her chance of recovery greatly depends upon the vigilance of her attendants.
  • Then she began to show some signs of recovery, but even this was very gradual.
  • If the sense of feeling returns, it is the first sign of recovery.
  • How do you know you've the power of recovery? ...
  • No one could tell, but all seemed to imply that there was no hope of recovery.
  • He became totally blind, and the physician gave but little hope of recovery.
  • A third case of recovery, but of a different kind, occurred in 1851.
  • If I had any chance of recovery, this passion would kill me.
  • The German movement was last spring (1919) in the early stage of recovery.
  • At two P.M. re-action took place, so as to give hopes of recovery.

How To Use Of Recovery In A Sentence?

  • In my opinion he has killed intellectualism definitively and without hope of recovery.
  • All hope of recovery was abandoned by the doctor shortly after he had examined his patient.
  • The relative possibilities of recovery toward a more favorable situation are weighed.
  • A sufferer goes to the temple and promises offerings to the gods in the event of recovery.
  • The first condition of recovery is a prompt and permanent abandonment of the ruinous habit.
  • I received a letter from my wife that the children were very sick and but little hope of recovery.
  • She was at length so much reduced, that she herself began to despair of recovery.
  • Dil was of every change, she blindly hoped some of these things were indications of recovery.
  • Her sinking pulse and the damp coldness of her hand soon dispelled all hopes of recovery.
  • One after the other we served them so, seeing with unmistakable relief the sure signs of recovery.
  • To regulate the proportionate speeds of recovery of arms and of body, relatively to each other.
  • Such an event would crush our hopes and blast our cause beyond hope of recovery.
  • Few survived when once attacked, and the chances of recovery were scarcely worth calculating.
  • The sorrow which had been forgotten when the king gave signs of recovery, now broke out afresh.
  • The very description is painful, because the possibility of recovery distresses me....
  • Seven of the lads were terribly injured, and in two cases the doctors gave no hope of recovery.
  • Of y^e one, ther may be hope of recovery, but y^e other no recompence can make good.
  • My health gave way and I had given up all hopes of recovery, when I was taken to Batavia.
  • Variety of form and brilliancy of colour in the objects presented to patients are actual means of recovery.
  • You surely do not think he would speculate to me about your chances of recovery, or what you would do with your property.
  • Whether we fail or not, we have the satisfaction of knowing that we have given to the patient the best and the only chance of recovery.
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