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  • Love is her only way of return.
  • It is the novelty of return that animates you.
  • He must invent a more novel manner of return than that.
  • Length of return route forty-three miles.
  • He thought his master gone beyond all prospect of return.
  • Thus the daylight faded, and we began to think of return.
  • Since then, he had kept to a cycle of return to Exendria.
  • M. de Sarennes had come and gone with promises of return.
  • This good sign of return to her normal curiosity was familiarly pleasant.
  • Whitelocke began his longed-for journey of return to England.
  • Ulysses was for the time in exile, but the "day of return" was not far off.
  • At first, this theory of return to Nature pleased the ruling classes.
  • Thy countrymen; no doubt they have renew'd The pleasing picture of return.

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  • There can not be any appointment when the organ of return is not resisting any intermediate use.
  • I decided to go in only on condition that circumstances favored a certainty of return.
  • How little any of the party anticipated the kind of return that would end their adventure!
  • But, further, was every possible way of return finally closed against the fallen head?
  • Phil would move heaven and earth to keep up to the agreement that was made as to the hour of return.
  • Provisions were abundant, and the sick men were so excited by the hope of return that they were almost well.
  • But he's too keen a business man to invest his money unless he sees a fair chance of return.
  • For the dream censor has only then accomplished its purpose, when it has made the path of return from the allusion to the original undiscoverable.
  • It is, however, but the melancholy inseparable from all things that are about to end without possibility of return.
  • The simplest way is to let the date of return filter out through friends, and if any one is really anxious to call she will find out when to do so.
  • He has selected his vocation for its promise of return in the form of wealth, comfort, fame, or influence.
  • Many men all-weaponed were on the decks, and the minstrels high up on the poop were blowing a merry song of return on their battle-horns.
  • Nevertheless, as time passed, and he made no mention of return, her dread of the future subsided gradually into the back of her mind.
  • And Minnie, who is strictly practical if nothing else, sees a fair hope of return in her present plan.
  • She pointed to him the falseness of the world, and bade him judge of the fidelity of the picture by his own experience; and she taught him the way of return to the paths of peace.
  • Or a business which is not satisfied with a reasonable rate of return, but extracts an exorbitantly high profit at the expense of people who are struggling to make ends meet.
  • Presently, by a slight turn of the flanks, the opposing party, while leaving him the opportunity of return, entirely precluded all chance of egress in that quarter.
  • To these therefore, and to those who by reason of their doings are become doubtful, there is still hope of return; but they must repent quickly, that their place may be in the tower.
  • Letty assented, and they walked along the village, she looking curiously into the open doors of the houses, by way of return for the inquisitive attention once more lavished upon herself and George.
  • Laughter floated up from the men and women, and from the peninsula came a splattering of return bullets; but the cracked tenor sang on, and Brown continued to fire, until the hymn was played out.
  • In mercy to breasts that tumultuously burn, Dwell no more on departure--but speak of return.
  • Sid, who was a boy with an imagination, having once broached this topic, opened his heart, or at any rate a new wing of his heart, to Kipps, and found no fault with Kipps for a lack of return.
  • With this bitter burden on his heart it was that young Mr. Allan went his way through the Glen making his farewells, not daring to indulge the luxury of his grief, and with never a word of return.
  • He finally succeeded in eliminating the entangling circumstances that seemed to lie like a twisted skein in the years stretching between his going forth from his uncle's house to this night of return.
  • With every mile they traversed Bob's heart grew heavier in his bosom, for he was constantly going farther from home, and the prospect of return was fading away with each sunset.
  • And this sentiment does not pertain solely to others,--we apply it to ourselves by a sort of return that is not egoism.
  • Tadeusz was a constant guest at his house, giving lessons in drawing, mathematics, and history, his favourite subjects, to the daughters of the house by way of return for their father's hospitality.
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