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  • So in the case of shoes.
  • Shake to the banging of shoes.
  • We have bought our pair of shoes.
  • Hal bought the overcoat and the pair of shoes.
  • It was a pair of shoes sticking up out of the sand.
  • I have brought one pair of shoes.
  • The principal manufacture is that of shoes for exportation.
  • We had one pair of shoes a year.
  • In the next room stands a pair of shoes.
  • A dress and a pair of shoes for your old woman?
  • They also had one pair of shoes each and a turban.
  • Another pair of shoes was made from barrel staves.
  • Talking of shoes brings us back to the alpagata.
  • Were there not always endless pairs of shoes to be bought?
  • And a fine, new pair of shoes.
  • Well, then, garlands of shoes, if you please!
  • Merle, poor girl, needed a pair of shoes.
  • Chadwick Champneys had given him his first pair of shoes.
  • I remember the day I got my first set of shoes.
  • What sort of shoes have you to fit those pretty feet of yours?
  • Lila had given up in the matter of accepting a present of shoes.
  • Then he bought a pair of shoes, at which again they reviled him.
  • That's a pair of shoes of another pattern.
  • It is by no means a simple operation to make a pair of shoes.
  • But now he was promised a pair of shoes that would be sure to fit.
  • The question of shoes is said to be a special point of conflict.
  • If misgiving claimed him at all, it was merely a matter of shoes.
  • I was going to spend that two dollars for a new pair of shoes.
  • I would advise you to invest in an overcoat and a stout pair of shoes.
  • An old pair of shoes is seen at the upper end of the wardrobe on the floor.
  • Here was a large box full of shoes with high heels and peaked toes.
  • Every time you put out an extra pair of shoes he gets fifty per cent.
  • Here stood a deep wooden box containing a case of shoes ready to send off.
  • Mother found him an old jacket and pair of shoes and socks, which she gave him.

How To Use Of Shoes In A Sentence?

  • Cleveland belief in the efficacy of a gift of a pair of shoes to a poor man.
  • In one corner of the room were a pile of shoes which need an epic to describe them.
  • These gave him so much money that he was able to buy leather for four pairs of shoes.
  • He sat down upon his bench and commenced work in earnest on an unfinished pair of shoes.
  • In the matter of shoes and stockings, she seems to have been remarkably well supplied.
  • One settler had ridden back at midnight to ask for the purchase of a pair of shoes for his wife.
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