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  • Experience has taught me that records of songs are the best which can be obtained.
  • In this country we are rich in the quantity of songs rather than in the quality.
  • That wonderful green parrot of hers can rattle off a whole string of songs and sayings.
  • Sally had taken along from all tables and book-cases what seemed to her a collection of songs.
  • It consists of songs and dances accompanied by offerings of food and drink to the dead.
  • She was vexed; for the romance of this conversing by means of songs pleased her mightily.
  • How could millions of people exchanging hundreds of millions of songs not be causing harm?
  • No, she gathered berries and sang snatches of songs as though she were quite alone.
  • I had a very beautiful pair of canaries, who greeted me every morning with the sweetest of songs.
  • George and Owen were singing snatches of songs and gibbering like two great apes.
  • Two collections of songs, national and lyric, have made their appearance in Germany.
  • Still, notwithstanding his very busy life, he sent a continuous stream of songs to Edinburgh.
  • An immense variety of songs and catches relating to Tommy Linn are known throughout the country.
  • I generally sang a couple of songs in the evening, and I was asked, as usual, to do so to-night.

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  • Writer and composer of songs.
  • Sounds of songs and tambourine.
  • Well, we are the best writers of songs in the world.
  • Song of Songs, 251-253.
  • Historically its advent is in the Song of Songs.
  • But the Song of Songs has nothing religious about it.
  • Ah, the Song of Songs!
  • It had developed since the Song of Songs.
  • The Song of Songs is the gospel of love.
  • Hear also this wise king in Song of Songs.
  • The Song of Songs (cloth).
  • The Song of Songs (leather).
  • The Song of Songs (persian yapp).
  • A choice of songs.
  • The singing over of songs sung to him was but very imperfectly successful.
  • The first matter to decide was the number of songs to be sung.
  • Make a list of songs whose theme is love of country.
  • Now that is my own desire of songs," he declared.
  • I was told repeatedly that there are four classes of songs, and only four.
  • After dinner she accompanied him in a series of songs by Schubert.
  • The other class of exceptions is the group of songs on Jacobite themes.
  • Basil Grant rose to his feet amid a surge of songs and cheers.
  • Heine's Book of Songs.
  • Grotius ventured to call the Song of Songs a libertine work.
  • After dinner, I sang a number of songs, accompanying myself at the piano.
  • Herself a folded book of songs, Dropp'd from the angel's hands above.
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