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  • "And the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is properly grateful."

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  • Nevertheless, the very existence of Soviet Russia was a warning not to be disregarded.
  • Of course the difficulties were great, but they were not distinguishable in principle from many other difficulties of Soviet constructive work.
  • The reasons enumerated above are more than sufficient to explain the difficult economic situation of Soviet Russia.
  • But now a few months have gone by, and we can turn to facts and conclusions drawn directly from the economic life of Soviet Russia.
  • On certain borders of Soviet Russia, circumstances had arisen which had left considerable military forces free for an indefinite period.
  • In their institution, as in their abolition, Kautsky sees nothing but the "waverings" of Soviet policy.
  • If we consider the Third Army from this general point of view, we shall see that it represents in miniature the whole of Soviet Russia.
  • In the most difficult days, when the first chapters were being written, all the attention of Soviet Russia was concentrated on purely military problems.
  • Looking at this side of the bright shining medal of our beloved democracy it seems that there is not the slightest bit of difference between the democracy of capitalist America and the dictatorship of Soviet Russia.
  • Although in the east Kolchak had been swept over the Urals to his ultimate disaster, the situation of Soviet Russia seemed even more desperate than in the year before.
  • It is not to be supposed that the United States of America had no spy rings in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics at that time.
  • The proletariat was consolidating the November revolution, building and defending the apparatus of Soviet power, and carrying on a ceaseless struggle with the White Guards.
  • It should be hailed, moreover, as a momentous development paving the way for the eventual introduction of the Faith into the far-flung Chinese mainland and, beyond it, to the extensive territories of Soviet Russia.
  • Trade relations to be restored between soviet Russia and the outside world under conditions which, while respecting the sovereignty of soviet Russia insure that allied supplies are made available on equal terms to all classes of the Russian people.
  • As is well known, the elaborate and intricate governmental system of Soviet Russia centers ultimate authority in this Council of People's Commissars, which consists of seventeen members.
  • That the army is efficient is demonstrated by the present location of Soviet forces who have contended with the Russian White Guard supported by enormous sums of money, munitions, and even soldiers from the Allies.
  • With the help of Soviet control and party selection, the Soviet Government, in the intense atmosphere of the struggle, has dealt with the bandits and adventurers who appeared on the surface at the moment of the revolution incomparably better than any government whatsoever, at any time whatsoever.
  • The question of the life or death of Soviet Russia is at present being settled on the labor front; our economic, and together with them our professional and productive organizations, have the right to demand from their members all that devotion, discipline, and executive thoroughness, which hitherto only the army required.
  • On the domestic front, the Party has initiated a program of so-called Internal Security, a cradle-to-the-grave pampering that amounts to the most vicious State-Socialism the world has seen since the fall of Soviet Russia.
  • Here Radek was laid hold of by the Master of the Ceremonies, who, it seemed, was also part editor of a railwaymen's newspaper, and made to give a long account of the present situation of Soviet Russia's Foreign Affairs.
  • Whether we take the Red Army as a whole, or the organization of the Soviet regime in the county, province, or the whole Republic, including the economic organs, we shall find everywhere the same scheme of organization: millions of peasants drawn into new forms of political, economic, and social life by the organized workers, who occupy a controlling position in all spheres of Soviet construction.
  • Of the trade unions, as he understands them--that is to say, trade unions of the old craft type--there in reality has remained very little; but the industrial productional organization of the working class, in the conditions of Soviet Russia, has the very greatest tasks before it.
  • Although the enthusiasm for the Polish war began to subside (even among the Communists) as soon as the Poles had been driven back from Kiev to their own frontiers, although the Poles are occupying an enormous area of non-Polish territory, although the Communists have had to conclude with Poland a peace obviously unstable, the military position of Soviet Russia is infinitely better this time than it was in 1918 or 1919.
  • "The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics," Petkoff said, "has no extradition treaty with your capitalist warmongering country.
  • _, in reality, on to the path of assistance to the world murderers of Soviet Russia.
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