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  • George was out of town.
  • Went out of town at six.
  • Get away out of town.
  • Her friends were out of town.
  • The rose is out of town.
  • Racey watched him out of town.
  • Is she of town or country?
  • The world was out of town.
  • He had threatened to drive me out of town.
  • It will be cheaper than living out of town.
  • Camp somewhere west of town.
  • Tell your father he is to get out of town.
  • Then the cowboy rode out of town.
  • They have a fine place out of town.
  • It was a very disagreeable part of town.
  • This is what you call going out of town!
  • Would you like to be a bit out of town?
  • I told him your lordship was out of town.
  • It was the boss who sent you out of town.
  • He was out of town ...
  • Shall her perverseness drive you out of town?
  • They would laugh him out of town.
  • Warning out of town, 4.
  • The boarding-houses were only for girls from out of town.
  • I came here simply because my friend is out of town.
  • Social unrest is a disease of town-life.
  • That all happens from living so much out of town.
  • Go back and out of town the way you came.
  • It is especially the characteristic of town life.
  • It was the last thing he did on his way out of town.
  • I get enough of town in the day.
  • What do you regard as the best features of town government?
  • Your coachman will drive you out of town the back way.
  • Stafford mounted his pony and loped rapidly out of town.
  • Every train brought in a bunch of town clerks.

How To Use Of Town In A Sentence?

  • Some gave them plum-cake and sent them out of town.
  • In fact, you are sure to be out of town.
  • Its work may be seen in many parts of town.
  • Harry reached the fair grounds on the eastern edge of town.
  • Next year nothing would induce him to stir out of town.
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