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How To Use Off An In A Sentence?

  • The next step necessary was simply to ink the stone and take off an impression.
  • We were like unto persons both most anxious to break off an intimacy and yet who had not done so.
  • On the 7th the vanguard drove off an ambuscade, and lay that evening in a hatto.
  • The island is to be fenced off an' each member o' the expedition is to have so much land.
  • No matter how little sleep the first man allowed himself, the second clipped off an hour.
  • Nowadays Ben thought he knew how to read the danger signs and head off an explosion.
  • Apparently the German officers were trying to get their men in formation to ward off an attack.
  • The African savage will trade off an ivory tusk for a piece of soap reeking with synthetic musk.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Off An | Off An Sentence

  • Sometimes it is necessary to break off an engagement.
  • We may hold off an outbreak.
  • Tak dis off an we war naked.
  • Now he hears them tear off an ear!
  • They thought to buy off an epidemic.
  • She rattled off an impressive list.
  • I took off an ounce ...
  • Now you jest go off an' leave me 'lone.
  • I'd go right off an' find out.
  • W'ere he is go couche right off, an' dey go on parloir.
  • I'm payin' off an old score, an' gettin' off cheap, too.
  • Now, dear, I'm goin' to get this off an' have my clo'es.
  • How She may Ward off an Unwelcome Offer.
  • It fell right off an' squashed a horse!
  • One cannot in the batting of an eye shake off an affection so deeply grounded!
  • Inspired by this truth he attempts to pull off an awkward losing hazard.
  • Some distance off an outcast horse was attacked by thousands of famished crows.
  • It was a one holer surrounded by blinds we took off an old house somewhere.
  • We took the wheels off an old baby buggy and nailed them on the end of a stick.
  • A word slipped into her mind like a whiff of miasma off an evil swamp.
  • We have just put off an emergency case of gas gangrene, temp.
  • If anything could choke off an intending recruit, it would be this.
  • If he slips off an edge, he tries to double his fore legs under him and slide.
  • If you find the stick, and it is too long, you can easily saw off an end.
  • I'd be a fine sort of a coyote to sneak off an' leave you for them fiends.
  • She wants us two, to go off an' git spliced!
  • I tell you, you could collar 400 roubles off an acre by sowing mint!
  • There are only certain places where you can get off an Elevated train.
  • I would not sit down, a long way off, an' look at her.
  • Scrape the grass, tie it up in bundles, and cut the ends off an even length.
  • Tom walked off an' never wunst said thank yeh, sir.
  • Oi tought maybe ye'd run off an' left me to rot down in the hole.
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