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  • Blew the tubes off it.
  • Them rocks all bounced off it.
  • For years he has not had his eyes off it.
  • Rox was off; it was all over.
  • The two rings off it lie there.
  • Off it came easily enough.
  • Twenty miles off it united with the line of the sky!
  • But no good come off it, after all.
  • Shells seemed to glide off it quite harmlessly.
  • If the pistol went off, it must hit him.
  • Oh, he on'y off' it to one!
  • Indeed, when one thought, had she ever been legally off it?
  • And I wanted to frighten him off it.
  • Once off, it is gone for ever; it can never be re-imposed.
  • For the life of me I could not take my eyes off it.
  • But Diamond could fight equally well on a horse or off it.
  • Took the edge off it just a little, I suppose he felt.
  • There was 'H. Ormesby' not quite worn off it.
  • Wilson bounded off the table as if he had been kicked off it.
  • I'm a bit off it just for a bit.
  • Those were his darling paws scratching the sacred paint off it.
  • She hasn't been able to keep her hands off it.
  • As there were other couples who thus paired off it caused no comment.
  • The man off it was going up to the ruin, and we went after him.
  • An' when it cleared off, it was too late.
  • He ran some heavy-duty motors off it and a few other things like that.
  • I can't quite keep my hands off it.
  • There was no safety on the ship, which meant he had to get off it.
  • For years past the house had led on the cricket and football field and off it.
  • I think if they get off, it would be best for me to follow them.
  • And as the grey car had now probably gone off, it was time that ours persued.
  • Should some accident cause the wallet to drop off, it is soon replaced.
  • And as nothing had come off it wasn't any likely he'd got his share.

How To Use Off It In A Sentence?

  • The distance being but a few streets off, it was agreed that they should start at once.
  • Schubert sprang on the table and knocked the condemned man off it with a blow of his fist.
  • But a half mile off it was an agreeable racket and did not rouse up eternity to tease me.
  • She breaks off; it almost seems to her that she is preaching deception to this baby.
  • When they entered this hall they found five long and narrow chambers running off it.
  • Then he made up his mind that he would get under the next one and knock the peeling off it.
  • I cannot see the use of fighting about the platter, when you have let them snatch the meat off it.
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