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  • But this time there was an offensive return.
  • The light became offensive to her.
  • His manner was as coarse and offensive as he could make it.
  • In other words, it meant offensive warfare.
  • An offensive dirigible, carrying the maximum of bombs, etc.
  • That peace offensive died out in early Fall.
  • It is to be regretted that there is something offensive in the word.
  • But to those who are on the offensive it is not necessary to be always alert.
  • But they possessed little offensive value against merchantmen.
  • This coagulum is free from the offensive odour noted above.
  • He is personal, but there is nothing offensive in his personalities.
  • Hast thou sinned in aught Offensive to the heavenly powers?
  • Its adoption would mean taking the offensive against the German submarines.

How To Use Offensive In A Sentence?

  • Its vapor has a very offensive odor and is most irritating to the eyes and throat.
  • There is no offensive odour under normal conditions and the serum is acid in character.
  • It is an old saying that the best defensive measure is a vigorous offensive one.
  • But that only makes him offensive in his brief conviviality and morose in the long subsequent sulkiness.
  • This performance purifies the hunter of any matter offensive to the inua, and concludes the ceremony.
  • These savages measure the offensive powers of a gun entirely by its size, and by the noise it makes.
  • This was not a very expensive sort of education, but she could not forgive him for not casting the offensive child away utterly.
  • His general appearance was much that of the rest of the men, with the exception that he made no display of offensive weapons.
  • Hydrosulphuric acid is a colorless gas, having a weak, disagreeable taste and an exceedingly offensive odor.
  • The measures demanded, if enemy defeat in time is to be assured, are not defensive but offensive defensive.
  • Of French offensive action against the overwhelming forces of their enemies there could be no question.
  • The substances ordinarily used to denature alcohol are wood alcohol and pyridine, the latter compound having a very offensive odor.
  • Germany has no sea-expansive ability, no foreign credit, no international reserves to carry out an offensive warfare.
  • There is also a certain amount of offensive dirty matter which may fall into the milk-pail, and carry with it undesirable germs.
  • It will be found generally that the yellowish colour is possessed by a slimy substance, of offensive odour, which may be scraped from the surface.
  • My fowling-piece, fishing-rods, and other articles which could be used as offensive weapons, were removed from the room.
  • My friend and I could find nothing offensive in her singularities; we therefore attempted to make them amusing.
  • Defensive German alliances are broken because the present Kaiser insisted that offensive and defensive are one and the same.
  • It is particularly offensive to Catholics to see Luther hailed as the champion of political liberty.
  • It is irreligious, because whatever tends to make this life less beautiful must be offensive to the God who made all things good.
  • It was in the summer of 1918 that the Germans made their only attempt at what might be called an offensive against their American enemies.
  • As far as possible, or as clearness of purpose would permit, I have endeavoured to avoid the use of offensive language.
  • He returned too late to do anything to retrieve that disaster, and determined, in the spring, to take the offensive by attacking Ticonderoga.
  • He could assume the offensive only in case a French fleet should assist him, and this happened but twice, in 1778, and not again for three years.
  • Each nation would act for itself and in its own right and it would be impossible to go beyond that except by more or less offensive and defensive alliances.
  • The man who has consideration for the feelings of others will be equally careful to do or say nothing that may give them pain, or be offensive to them.
  • Harris, of Maryland, in the debate upon the resolution, made a speech much more offensive than that of Long.

Definition of Offensive

Causing offense; arousing a visceral reaction of disgust, anger, or hatred. | Relating to an offense or attack, as opposed to defensive. | (sports) Having to do with play directed at scoring.
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