Offer In A Sentence

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  • I offer this from my heart.
  • I do not wish to offer you a gift.
  • I was advised to offer it to different courts.
  • It seemed futile to offer sympathy.
  • Was this the best that democracy had to offer mankind?
  • How durst he offer at an act so monstrous?
  • A man resists the offer first, somehow as an indignity.
  • The suit I mean to offer to you now.
  • Go to the women here, and offer them The same oath.
  • Now, I will make a handsome offer to the public.
  • The Bey of Tunis rejected both the offer and the Consul.
  • So, Captain, now I give you warning, offer her no force!
  • He felt sorry for her and wondered if he might offer her money.
  • We shall offer only one remark on this extraordinary hypothesis.
  • Don't offer to touch me, you villain!
  • The determination to be friendly made my brother offer to take her to us.
  • I judged it would be safe and profitable to offer him a bet on my scheme.
  • It left me eager to go somewhere; but it failed to offer me any direction.
  • Know then that I accept your offer and warn thee against failure.
  • I have had the offer of a copyist here, but I don't know what he can do.

How To Use Offer In A Sentence?

  • He would not have spent the night there for all the wealth the world could offer him.
  • The impedance these windings offer to the high frequency of lightning oscillations is great.
  • How can a man offer heart and hand to a woman whom he does not feel certain that he can protect?
  • He racked his brain for suitable conversation to offer, and for suitable language to offer it in.
  • I reminded him that I was there by appointment to offer him my book for publication.
  • After all, I should not be compelled either to urge a sale or to offer a bribe.
  • As for her, he knew her Scotch stubbornness too well to think that she would offer it.
  • I always consider myself in some degree bound to make you the offer of my compositions when it is possible to do so.
  • They had drunk too deeply of the same springs to offer each other the attraction of mystery, the charm of the unusual.
  • In conclusion, we offer a few remarks in relation to the manner and spirit in which the following work has been undertaken and prosecuted.
  • I should certainly not venture to offer any remarks on taste to you, my love, under ordinary circumstances.
  • What happened to them yesterday may happen to us to-morrow, and what country will then offer us a refuge?
  • The offer was generous, but the garrison rejected it with a good-tempered disdain and the siege went on with renewed earnestness.
  • He fancied the work he had to offer would be distasteful to me; but he has made it as agreeable, as easy to be performed, as can be done.
  • But in neither dialogue, any more than in the Timaeus, does he offer any criticism on the views which are propounded by another.
  • Old London seemed to wrap itself up unsociably in its mantle of brown smoke, and to offer no encouragement to such a couple of tatterdemalions.
  • Though I would gladly profit by your kind offer of living in your garden-house, various circumstances render this impossible.
  • Several of the guests hastened to offer Banfi their seats, but the Prince beckoned him to approach.
  • He was jealous of the numerous children of Catherine Brant and took occasion to offer her various insults.
  • So he hid his feet behind his books, stuck his pen between his lips, and when Csaky came in did not so much as offer him a seat.

Definition of Offer

(intransitive) To propose or express one's willingness (to do something). | (transitive) To present in words; to proffer; to make a proposal of; to suggest. | (transitive) To place at someone’s disposal; to present (something) to be either accepted or turned down.
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