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  • The offering is a mere trifle.
  • She hastened to him, offering both hands.
  • We followed it as offering perhaps the safest descent.
  • Lay them an offering at the throne of Jove!
  • Are all these gossamer oblations an offering to Beelzebub?
  • Artemis was adored with the offering of a beautiful girl and boy.
  • Yet his offering has no magical intent of constraining the immortals.
  • Usually represented as an offering to the gods; in all the manuscripts.
  • Prosecution closed by offering to prove all charges by competent testimony.
  • She surprised them by offering to go back with them later to the golf-links.
  • Take this," said Chook, offering him a cabbage.
  • A brazen caldron was brought to Patrick as an offering from Daire.
  • In offering you the chance I have, I am simply taking the easiest way.
  • It was a pet treasure of mine, and I intended it as an offering to Mrs. Moss.
  • The offering of a reward was greatly against Robertson's advice.
  • There would be no use, she argued, in offering five-o'clock-tea combinations.
  • Turning to Glenholdt, who was offering advice, he said, "You get out.

How To Use Offering In A Sentence?

  • I added a small offering to the many which were brought in for luck, and it was not rejected.
  • I have thought it but fair to myself, however, to begin by offering this explanation.
  • She kept offering it for less and less, and finally, she offered it for nothing.
  • Taking out his cigarette-case, he lit a cigarette, without offering one to his companion.
  • And some were sacrificed as a burnt offering to the Gods of Hospitallitie, were they not?
  • Also it seemed to her by now that if she offered the children that shoulder of lamb she would be offering them poisoned meat.
  • His success in this respect is the more striking because he began by offering us mere pasteboard heroes of the most conventional type.
  • He advised them to surrender without offering resistance; if they did so he would see that no harm befell them.
  • Confederate recruiting officers and sergeants were busy in those prisons, offering them the choice between death and life.
  • It is clothed in homespun flannel, which arises from the custom of its votaries offering portions of their dress when addressing it.
  • If she did not ring, it was because of her sense of the irony of offering hospitality in a house where not even a cup of tea was paid for.
  • It was only his age and an injury that forbade protracted riding on horseback that kept him from offering his services to the State.
  • It now occurred to Gyuri that she was offering him the reward, so he thought it time to make known his name.
  • Antennae four-jointed, without a well-marked elbow, and with a short terminal segment offering the appearance of being many-jointed.
  • The ladies received me with great courtesy, offering me as a sign of good will, first sweets and coffee, then lemonade, then coffee again.
  • I rose from the grave as if I had been offering up a sacrifice, and I felt as if that sacrifice had been accepted.
  • But there comes a Voice from the depths, a casual remark, offering to bet that 'ere gent won't close on that hoss.
  • Of one of these I furnish (in my ninety-sixth sketch) a good example, offering an interesting theme for comparison with the sketch now given.
  • The accuser could prevent the accused from clearing himself thus easily, by offering himself and six compurgators to swear to the truth of his charge.
  • But no man affronts me, nor can therefore justify my affronting him, by offering to make me as happy as himself, according to his own ideas of happiness.
  • It should be remembered that an impedance coil obstructs the passage of fluctuating current, not so much by ohmic resistance as by offering an opposing or counter-electromotive force.
  • I felt myself perfectly helpless; I saw no way out of it; they seemed bent upon offering me up as a sacrifice to this private Moloch of theirs.
  • In the seventh article the contracting parties agreed to lend their support and encouragement to the first company offering to construct the canal in accordance with the spirit and intention of this convention.

Definition of Offering

present participle of offer | The act by which something is offered. | That which has been offered; a sacrifice.
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