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How To Use Office Building In A Sentence?

  • It was mould that they were driving to the garden outside the office building at the factory.
  • The youth crossed the grounds of the plant and again entered the office building.
  • Burckhardt caught a glimpse of what looked like the cigar stand in his office building.
  • Torry brought the car to an abrupt stop before the brick office building of the munition works.
  • And there is a headquarters office building here adequate for an army division....
  • He had been backed up in front of a big office-building where a dozen bulky cans cumbered the sidewalk.
  • He marched the little detachment through the larger enclosure, and in through the rear of the office building.
  • Descending on his office building he left the ship in care of the parking attendant and by elevator dropped to his floor.
  • After 1801 it became an office building, and was demolished in 1815 to make room for the present structures.
  • They showed me the shattered columns of the office-building, and on the cobbles of the little square pointed out an ugly stain.
  • The boys hurried into their clothes and rushed to the office building where Barrows and the camp officers slept.
  • After all, he pointed out, it was impossible to check everyone in an office building of that size, or at least impractical.
  • He turned and went rapidly back to the great office building where Wickersham had his offices on the first floor.
  • It happened they had first seen him in the project office building in Washington, so they got his name and called.
  • The office building was arranged much on the order of a Chinese restaurant; in that as you journeyed skyward conditions improved.
  • The office building through which they moved was as well done as any he could ever remember having observed, even on the Telly.
  • Down the street is a new office building with aluminum walls, and it's right next to a stone mosque that's nearly as old as the city.
  • I was greatly impressed with this fact one morning as I stood watching the workmen erecting the steel framework for a tall office building.
  • Hungarian, Miss Slayback slowed and drew back into the overshadowing protection of an adjoining office-building.
  • At 1600, von Schlichten visited the headquarters Pickering had set up in the office building at the power-plant.
  • Captain Bill wanted to go first to the administration building, a large white brick structure, modern as any office building in appearance.
  • An astonished watchman took them up in an elevator in an office building in the financial district, and a little later he took up several other gentlemen.
  • It was as if men who had invested a fortune in a thirty-story office building should find that the superintendent was holding back all the rents and losing tenants every day.
  • Taking a chance shot in the dark, he had followed Cutty to the office building, learned that Cutty was the owner and lived in the loft.
  • At the office building, leaning against the wall, a cigarette dangling dejectedly from his lips, Lonesome Pete was waiting for him.
  • The ugly yellow office building reared itself from a strip of grass where dandelions fought for their rights, but a wide cement walk led to its door.
  • Thus he meditated as he went drowsily along the banks of the canal, until, turning to the right and then to the left, he reached the office building.
  • About that time The Commons were fenced in and became a park, taking in besides the present space, that now occupied by the post-office building.
  • To enjoy a landscape ought to be not merely a negative rest for the man of the office building, and good literature or music absorbs the mental energies and harmonizes them.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Office Building | Office Building Sentence

  • Behind the signs there is an office building.
  • Then he led the way into an office building.
  • Now an office building across from the City Hall.
  • It's a regular office building.
  • The bell swung in the cupola on the roof of the office building.
  • It was a typical large office building with an arcade-type lobby.
  • There was a blacksmith and wagon repair shop, and a brick office building.
  • Now Robertson's office building.
  • The taxicab stopped before an office building, as Jim Farland had ordered.
  • The post-office building was erected on a portion of the City Hall Park.
  • Another was the man at the cigar stand in Burckhardt's office building.

Definition of Office Building

A commercial building containing spaces for offices.
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