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  • The office or duty of any organ.
  • Smith was no respecter of office or social elevation.
  • No man should dare to belittle his office or authority.
  • Post office or no post office, there was the mail.
  • Was it done at the War-office, or how?
  • Often he was abstracted when he was with her, in the office or out.
  • Who else had the key to the office or knew how to open that safe?
  • Edgar was busy in his office, or he would have talked to him.
  • Denham was not altogether popular either in his office or among his family.
  • Only a few women want to hold office or engage in professional work.
  • But my health would not allow me to spend my days in an office or a court-room.
  • I am not sure that we can be happy with wealth, with office, or with fame.
  • This power might be given to a central office, or to local boards of health.
  • Certainly we cannot meditate or say Office, or do spiritual reading.
  • Why had not the War Office or some newspaper correspondent warned us?
  • He is taken from school at sixteen and sent to a merchant's office or a shop.
  • A man's business is to fight for his grub, whether in an office or in the ring.

How To Use Office Or In A Sentence?

  • Nothing can be more important to either the man of office or the man of reflection.
  • He should make it the interest and the pleasure of a customer to come to his office or store.
  • An office or room from which the salt meat is issued, and in which it is sometimes stored.
  • Although he respected the opinions of his fellow-men, he did not seek office or worldly honor.
  • Go alone to the banking office, or get a trusty servant from the house to go with you.
  • The reporters waylaid him at the post-office, or at his fish shanty, and begged for interviews.
  • Others judge that the Christian cannot properly hold a civil office or be a magistrate.
  • You take the post office; or the navy; or the war office; or may-be the treasury.
  • Then I had to make my way along a dark windowless passage to the office, or shop in the front.
  • They were Demonicus and Timon, whose office or duty was something like that of a modern detective.
  • If there be one office or character higher than all others, it is the office or character of mother.
  • Of course every telephone-user desired to be able to converse with any other who had a telephone in his office or residence.
  • As this is a feature common to many specimens, it probably had some important office or significance.
  • These consisted of the official salary and such annual sums as were due to him by persons whom he either continued in office or appointed.
  • Jemima was for some time in despair of his ever returning to the office, or resuming his old habits of business.
  • The business woman has been a familiar figure for years, but she was sheltered by the walls of her office or shop.
  • Only such titles may be conferred as indicate an office or a profession; academic rank is not hereby affected.
  • Ah, but in our class elections do we vote for the candidate who will best fill the office, or for our friends?
  • A merchant has already a place among the gentry, especially if he occupies some city office or has wealth.
  • Is there any reason in human nature why a complex machine such as a house may be worked with fewer breakdowns than an office or manufactory?
  • This great mass of political matter must have been always under the view of thinkers for the public, whether they act in office or not.
  • The paths began to fill with long lines of hurrying home-seekers, their day in office or factory at an end.
  • One whom fortune hath shot up to some office or authority, and he shoots up his neck to his fortune, and will not bate you an inch of either.
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