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  • Women have school suffrage and are eligible to all school offices and can be notaries public.
  • There is only one of these offices, and there are no betting men behind the ropes of the course.
  • Observe the various offices, and consider the general nature of the business done there.
  • Their offices are Christian offices, and therefore are they received into the church.
  • Yard, past factories and offices and great rows of tenements, the little police-boat sped on.
  • Then the boss hurried back down the hall to his own offices, and again I tagged him.
  • In 1820 these figures changed to 4500 and 92,492, and in 1870 to 28,492 offices and 231,232 miles.
  • In 1746 he was re-elected to those offices, and also made Praelector in Rhetoric.
  • This Sir Thomas enjoyed several public offices, and figured in the style of his ancestors.
  • On the Duke of Wellington honors, offices, and rewards were showered from every quarter.
  • The news agencies' slips were in the brokers' offices and half of Wall Street knew.
  • He came into the American Publishing Company offices and asked permission to look at the book.
  • The forum with its markets and shops and offices and temples and statues was the very heart of the city.
  • Mention a few offices, and tell the sort of intelligence that is needed by the persons who hold them.
  • Somehow it did not occur to us that the government has something to say about post offices and who shall run them.
  • He has made judges dependent on his will alone for the tenure of their offices and the amount and payment of their salaries.
  • It appeared to be the kind of hanging instrument to be seen in hundreds of offices and private houses.
  • Dane hastened to the cable offices, and felt a great contentment when his messages were on the wires.
  • Amid the pressure of his public offices and private studies, he did not overlook the domestic affections.
  • Let us furnish these to the hundreds of poor young men who have no retreat but their offices and boarding houses.
  • Of their other slaves they make not such use as we do of ours, by distributing amongst them the several offices and employments of the family.
  • Vegetables and animals are thus perpetually interchanging kindly offices, and each flourishes upon that which is fatal to the other.

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  • Still under construction were offices and barracks.
  • Some of their offices and customs were of hoary antiquity.
  • To establish post-offices and post-roads.
  • Why do we turn you into stuffy offices and ugly towns?
  • To establish post-offices and post-roads; 8.
  • In 1800 we had 903 post-offices and 20,817 miles of road.
  • In many cases we even recite their offices and Masses.
  • He must go over to the offices and write out his resignation.
  • Their petty offices and cherished distinctions were all preserved here.
  • Mess offices and kitchens were there that could feed a small army.
  • Stores, offices and other places of business were immediately closed.
  • It was altered somehow in the offices, and he did not know who was dead.
  • There were now many printing-offices, and four daily newspapers.
  • One lord held eight sinecure offices, and was besides colonel of two regiments.
  • He resigned his offices and retired into private life in March, 1894.
  • The offices and the servants' bedrooms were in the wing on the road.
  • Congress has power "to establish post-offices and post-roads.
  • He resigned his offices and went to the leper's island, where he died.
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