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  • The officials and clergy stood quietly in a corner.
  • Only two Devils are left, the Officials' and the Peasants'.
  • W. at once convoked all the officials and staff of the ministry.
  • The priests are public officials, and often exercise immense influence.
  • There was a dense crowd of officials and loafers, and beyond, blackness.
  • What poor psychologists German officials and officers seem to be!

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  • I enclose also the examination of the officials and the residencias that have been taken.
  • All public officials and those on military service must take the oath to this constitution.
  • The crash brought everybody to his feet except the two officials and the railway man.
  • There will always be stupid officials, and complete military authority is a very dangerous thing.
  • His stories deal with the middle classes, minor officials and the professional classes.
  • Inside the square were two or three officials, and two men holding the two contesting birds.
  • On February 15 the city officials and the encomenderos present a petition to the governor.
  • Philip came from Cordova, and was met on the outskirts of the city by the officials and soldiery.
  • Then, at midnight, it was taken away by the city officials and buried, no one knew where.
  • The money is collected by two Burmese officials, and handed daily to the officer commanding.
  • As his flagship entered New York harbor, it was met by a committee of city officials and citizens.
  • Another cause of these losses is the culpable neglect and recklessness of royal officials and governors.
  • He has the entire confidence of both prisoners and officials and is always given a most hearty welcome by all.
  • The administration of these vast properties requires as many officials and departments as that of a kingdom.
  • Since the trouble over the food has been settled the relations between the officials and the prisoners have greatly improved.
  • Calhoun took no part in the agitated conferences among the officials and news reporters at the spaceport.
  • State officials and other citizens of prominence addressed great crowds in commemoration of the wonderful achievement.
  • The set speeches had mostly been written by propaganda officials and the very applause had been planned beforehand.
  • Most of them are important officials and department heads; a few are men with smaller responsibilities.
  • Calhoun took no part in the agitated conferences among the officials and news reporters at the space-port.
  • They knew their officials and they entertained no illusions concerning their regeneration so long as the system that bred them continued to live.
  • From the beginning the actual general government should use both colored and white officials and later natives should be worked in.
  • I preferred to have the transaction take place under authority of the officials, and to have it attested by the government notary.
  • Naturally, under such conditions, bribery of officials and smuggling became active and lucrative enterprises.
  • The annual steamer carries the supplies for these officials and for the traders, as well as the goods which are used in trade.
  • It was a very wise custom, for it furnished protection to the womankind of the officials and gave greater selectness to their revels.
  • Their uniform was an open sesame to the police officials, and a detective was at once detailed to go with the boys to the restaurant.
  • Much would be gained for good government by extending publicity to the relations existing between public officials and private business interests.
  • He made twenty decisions a day, scolding his officials, and himself enforcing the regulations of his administration.
  • At times one of them blames the royal officials, and some of the people blame them all, opinions being divided.
  • Washington is a well-known exception to this rule, as strangers there call first upon government officials and their families.
  • It was charged largely to the steam engineers, who heeded the strike-breaking advice of their international officials and returned to work.
  • With increased skill on the part of the workers has come increased appreciation on the part of museum officials, and higher salaries.
  • The high officials and my officers and sailors were obliged to remain standing during the audience, according to the etiquette of the holy palace.
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