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  • Before midnight, officials from the Bureau of Mines were on the scene.
  • His bankers knew and so did the officials from whom he drew his pension."
  • "He is one of the officials from the head office."

How To Use Officials From In A Sentence?

  • My editorial fight for the settlers attracted the attention of these officials from the West.
  • Will the liability to recall keep officials from initiating new policies for fear of unpopularity?
  • The mob seized what they could of the paper from the burning torch of the executioner, and finally thrashed the officials from the field.
  • There was a banquet on for that evening, and hundreds of police officials from every part of the United States were there.
  • The liability to recall will keep public officials from initiating advantageous policies if they would be detrimental to part of the city, or if they were unpopular because of novelty.
  • Had she been captured by a destroyer from Pembroke, or overhauled, pirate as she was without papers, by Customs officials from Rosslare?
  • The Russian Archbishop and a number of high military officials came from Russia, and General Nogi and other Japanese officials from Japan.
  • It is indeed a wise provision of our Constitution which prohibits American officials from accepting "any present, emolument, office or title of any kind whatever" without the consent of Congress.
  • The information that they receive at these interviews they communicate to their papers in the greatest detail, without naming the high officials from whom it has emanated, and in this way they naturally act as megaphones through which the views of the Government are spread throughout the whole country.
  • He merely turned the body enough to see that the wound was in the face, and to satisfy himself and the others that no pistol was near, and then, pointing to the fact that the safe and desk were both open, he ordered everybody out and closed the door until the arrival of the officials from Nemahbin.
  • There were some bank officials from a neighboring town; Lord L----'s agent and his wife; a military surgeon; a widower, with two grown daughters; the new Protestant Rector and his wife.
  • They are part of a general movement against centralization and toward local autonomy which is gaining headway all over China, a protest against the appointment of officials from Peking and the management of local affairs in the interests of factions--and pocketbooks--whose chief interest in local affairs is what can be extracted in the way of profit.
  • Twice each year was the great imposing Ministry of War--or at least the public portion of it--thronged with officials from every corner of the kingdom, for His Excellency, General Cataldi, sent invitations broadcast, as he found it a cheap way of returning the hospitality daily offered to him--especially as the entertainment was paid for out of the public purse.
  • , we stood on the wharf, surrounded by a tumultous crowd, goin' every which way; passengers goin', visitors comin', and officials from the ship goin' about tending to everything;
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