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How To Use Often In A Sentence?

  • Shopping in the camp bazaar was the ladylike way in which we often spent our mornings.
  • Although the temperature reaches 90 or 95 degrees in the daytime, the nights are often chilly.
  • No doubt she will shed a few tears; but to save the body we must often lose a limb.
  • While the temperature reaches 90 or 95 degrees in the daytime, the nights are often chilly.
  • I was often permitted to run little errands for my sisters: to match a silk or to post a letter.
  • They take the precise course pursued by Melanchthon, and often with the same success.
  • The romantic attachments of young girls, unless nipped in the bud, often end fatally.
  • We are often asked, for example, if God may not do what he pleases with his own?
  • You may believe I often prolonged my strolls until the sun had set and the moon arisen.
  • I often tried,' he said, suddenly, 'to divine the reason why he changed his will.
  • This is perfectly evident from the very words in which it is often stated by the advocates of necessity.
  • People at home are often horror-struck at the speed with which the married officer has to leave his family when ordered on service.
  • It is often employed by the school of theologians to which the author belongs, and employed with great effect.
  • And truly it did seem impossible to unsettle that sweet gravity of hers, though it often unsettled mine.
  • It is supposed that the states of the will, the volitions, are often necessitated by the necessitated states of the sensibility.
  • The reader would do well to study this man's face, for we shall often meet with him.
  • Now, it happened we had often talked over gypsies and their pretensions in our house, and various had been the utterances of our circle.
  • The unskillful writer often violates this principle, from a mistaken belief that he should constantly vary the form of his expressions.
  • The language he employs often represents the facts of nature, but not facts as they would be, if his system were true.
  • The brief paragraphs of animated narrative, however, are often without even this semblance of a topic sentence.
  • Latterly we had often had to mix tsampa with flour to eke out our stock of the latter when baking bread for British troops.
  • This objection is often made: it is, indeed, the great practical ground on which the scheme of necessity plants itself.
  • His conscience, no doubt, often reproved him for such a course of life, and gave rise to many resolutions of amendment.
  • These, the most important courses of all, came, if not daily, at least often enough to keep one under constant strain.
  • Nothing can be more unjust than to bring, as has often been done, the unqualified charge of fatalism against the great Protestant reformers.
  • Penang, as a little field of missionary enterprise, possesses many privileges often denied to the further islands of Malaysia.
  • To doubt in the right place, is often the best cure for doubt; and to dogmatize in the wrong place, is often the most certain road to scepticism.
  • In other words, it is supposed that the appetites, passions, and desires, often act upon the will, and produce its volitions.
  • Dandy drowsed at her feet, and very often she would take him to the window and make him go through all his tricks, calling on Hubert to admire him.
  • I have often wondered what you would be or become as a member of society, and it was the last of all my thoughts for you that you must leave me to be educated.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Often | Often Sentence

  • He was not very often on time.
  • I often wished myself dead.
  • Sentences violating this rule are often ludicrous.
  • The Chinese Amban often received such visits.
  • II Rose often came to see Hubert in his rooms.
  • How often it thrilled me and troubled me with delight that day.
  • But this device, if too often used, would become a mannerism.
  • The second, though often propounded, seems to be a most unmeaning question.
  • I have often had bad mountain sickness of the one kind in the plains of India.
  • We have often talked about our master's captivity and his grievous ransom.

Definition of Often

(archaic) Frequent. | Frequently, many times.
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