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  • Quite one of the old school.
  • Same doctor of the old school.
  • He was not coming back to that old school any more.
  • But that magenta dye was of the old school.
  • Dachs was a concert pianist of the old school.
  • As became a host of the old school.
  • Old school tradition, etc.
  • I appreciate your interest in an old school friend.
  • It is very quiet now, very much of the old school.
  • His manners are somewhat precise, and after the old school.
  • Mullins, it seems, was a soldier of the old school.
  • He himself was a Tory of the old school.
  • Play up for the old school, Jenkins!
  • Play up for the old school, Jenkins!
  • For my part, I belong to an old school in this matter.
  • He was an Old Boy of my old school.
  • Your old school-fellow, Percy Phelps.
  • Dear old school!
  • All his life he had been surrounded by the superstitions of the old school.
  • One of the old school, but not the less delightful to you and me.
  • They had been old school companions and rivals in their girlish days.
  • Here he fell in with an old school-fellow who was going to the diamond fields.
  • He was a gentleman of the old school, beloved and respected by everyone.
  • A strange interest in the moods of this old school-friend had begun to stir me.
  • Sackau was an organist of the old school, learned and fond of his art.
  • You gentlemen of the old school so much surpass modern beaux in courtesy!
  • He is an old school-fellow of mine, and will be prompt to oblige me.
  • He is a gallant-looking knight; a true don of the old school.
  • The old school, which made a man responsible for his words, was the better.
  • The Major adhered rigorously to every tenet of the old school.
  • I met Beecot by chance and greeted him as an old school-fellow.

How To Use Old School In A Sentence?

  • In his reveries of solitude he sits once more in the old school-house of his boyhood days.
  • Each master of the old school imparted his knowledge and his practical method to his pupils.
  • He was a gentleman of the old school and always wore knee breeches and shoe buckles.
  • It is fortunate that you are old school-fellows, as you must have much to talk over.
  • Like most mariners of the old school, he considered the wireless machine a nuisance.
  • With every change sportsmen of the old school have prophesied the total ruin of fox-hunting.
  • She had not lived to be a nineteen-year-old school girl without meeting attractive young men.
  • She had a coaxing way, which his stately old-school courtesy never could resist.
  • She is as exact, however, in the formulas of her letters as any dowager of the old school.

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