Older Woman In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Older Woman | Older Woman Sentence

  • It was the older woman again.
  • She turned again to the older woman.
  • Understanding this the older woman spoke.
  • The older woman smiled at her.
  • The older woman was speaking.
  • It was the older woman who spoke first.
  • I speak as an older woman to a younger.
  • The older woman was the first to recover herself.
  • The older woman shrank a little.
  • She patted the older woman encouragingly.
  • The older woman returned the embrace.
  • The older woman laughed nervously.
  • The older woman was a terrible prophecy.
  • This brought the older woman to her senses.
  • The older woman turned towards the door.
  • The older woman received this irrelevance with composure.
  • And then she sank senseless at the feet of the older woman.
  • The older woman smiled upon the girl.
  • And the older woman decided that maybe she was right.
  • The older woman carried a fat lapdog in her arms.
  • The older woman forgot her incorrigible shyness in dismay.
  • She spoke gravely now, like an older woman.
  • Her dark eyes looked straight into those of the older woman.
  • She stands up, and looks at the older woman as if defying her.
  • But the magic door had opened at last and the older woman had no time to waste.
  • Nan can't come up here slumming without an older woman.
  • There was a long silence, broken finally by the voice of the older woman.
  • Touched and surprised, the girl stood looking at the older woman in silence.
  • The girl went up and stood beside the older woman, with her back turned to him.
  • The older woman rose in resigned determination, went below and opened the door.

How To Use Older Woman In A Sentence?

  • An older woman attending a girl in society.
  • If they were away there was usually some older woman to take care of the children.
  • But his glance for her was merely cursory, and returned at once to the older woman.
  • She spoke with such wistful regret that the older woman felt its note through her own deep gloom.
  • Damaris came forward and threw her arms about the older woman, lifting her face.
  • At least, the older woman asked no questions about how she secured provisions for the way.
  • So everyone will see it is quite proper for us to travel without an older woman in the car.
  • The marvellous quiet power of the older woman had laid hold of the girl in spite of all barriers.
  • The older woman was lean and wiry, with a strange gleam of maliciousness and ferocity in her eyes.
  • A young man should be introduced to an older man, a young woman to an older woman.

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