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  • Folsom spent the hours wiring to Omaha and conferring with such officers as he could reach.
  • To the southward of Omaha are many lodge sites of varying depths and diameters.
  • The Omaha type is here given, but it is similar to the game as played by kindred tribes.
  • An exception to this general rule is found in an Omaha ball game given in the following pages.
  • The Omaha used stalks of the blue joint grass as counters, but small twigs or sticks will serve.
  • For six months his wife has been saving up to send him to Omaha to buy things for Christmas.
  • The story was printed in the Omaha papers, and at once Standing Bear had many white allies.
  • The words are by John B. Tabb, the music is arranged from the Omaha invocation.
  • Money could do things away off there in that corner of the world as well as it could do them in Omaha or elsewhere.
  • At Omaha a party of my friends took me off the train and entertained me until the departure of the next train.
  • To keep the capital at Omaha was the watchword on the one side and to take it away the battle-cry on the other.
  • Beyond Omaha it was much better; the train was considerably faster and the number of passengers comparatively few.
  • Within two years four railroads converged at the river opposite Omaha eager to share the through transcontinental traffic already in sight.
  • There was but one funeral song in the Omaha tribe, and this was only sung to honour some man or woman who had been greatly respected by the people.
  • We have put it out at three per cent a month, and it has grown to be a thirst that is worth coming all the way from Omaha to see.
  • When an Omaha child is born the parents send to the clan that has charge of the rite of introducing the child to the Cosmos.
  • It may be observed that there were no sacred rites connected with the earth lodge-building or tent-making among the Omaha and Ponka.
  • The Omaha City people invited him to come in and talk to them; and so he did, in a church that was crowded with listeners.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Omaha | Omaha Sentence

  • Tipi of an Omaha chief.
  • At Omaha things change for the worse.
  • Where Omaha now stands there was not a house in 1849.
  • Song was an integral part of Omaha life.
  • Now dread fastened upon the Omaha tribe.
  • The song here given is traditional in the Omaha tribe.
  • A sad thing occurred last summer on an Omaha train.
  • Tipi of Gi-he-ga, an Omaha chief.
  • The Omaha Tribe, Indian Stories and Song, etc.
  • The Omaha had special ceremonies for the preparation of the central object.
  • It was probably made at the Omaha village shown in plate 27.
  • Such was the appearance of an Omaha village in the valley of the Missouri.
  • Suppose two roads are competing for the traffic between Omaha and Chicago.
  • After many years of warfare the Omaha tribe made peace with the Sioux.
  • They took the money and went by train, to Omaha where Gordon was living.
  • On the same bank we suddenly saw three Omaha Indians, who crept slowly along.
  • The history of Omaha and of the Union Pacific is inseparably linked.
  • The land was allotted in 1883 to Pe-de-ga-hi, one of the Omaha chiefs.
  • In preparation for this rite the Omaha youth was taught the Tribal Prayer.
  • The next morning we left Omaha by train for Ainsworth, Nebraska.
  • Now the site of Omaha City. ELDORADO.
  • From Richmond to Galveston is farther than from Richmond to Omaha or Duluth.
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