Omdurman In A Sentence

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  • Omdurman is one vast camp.
  • Omdurman had been the real cause of the outbreak.
  • Omdurman drew its main supplies of corn.
  • Rejoicings at Omdurman.
  • The victory of Omdurman!
  • Such is Omdurman justice.
  • Lime was obtained from Omdurman itself.
  • The objective of the expedition was Omdurman.
  • I refer especially to Omdurman.
  • All these tidings came to Omdurman.
  • He is still living in Omdurman.
  • Meanwhile there was great anxiety in Omdurman.
  • Pilgrims at Omdurman, 206.
  • Saddlers at Omdurman, 381.
  • Dispensary at Omdurman, 213.
  • Should we find Omdurman deserted or submissive?
  • Even in Omdurman he would not allow him to be at large.
  • Such was the first phase of the battle of Omdurman.
  • My mind travelled back to Omdurman.
  • Cripples in Omdurman, 337.
  • All the troops in Omdurman were ordered north.
  • They were bound to reach Omdurman first.
  • Trades in Omdurman, 381-2.
  • Tax levied at Omdurman, 205.
  • Coins in Omdurman, 210-13.
  • Museum of curios at Omdurman, 213.
  • Printing press at Omdurman, 213.
  • Prison at Omdurman, 344-65.
  • Housebreakers in Omdurman, 334-5.
  • Guineas coined at Omdurman, 210.
  • What made you go and risk your life at Omdurman?
  • Mosque at Omdurman, 279, 297.
  • We also were released, and permitted to go to Omdurman.
  • Market at Omdurman, 282, 339.
  • War materials at Omdurman, 349, 381.

How To Use Omdurman In A Sentence?

  • Gallows at Omdurman, 283, 317-8.
  • Swindlers in Omdurman, 334, 337-9.
  • Mint, the, at Omdurman, 209-13.
  • Nur Bey still lives in Omdurman.
  • Curios, museum of, at Omdurman, 213.
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