Omens In A Sentence

Definition of Omens

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of omen | plural of omen

How To Use Omens In A Sentence?

  • Moreover the omens were generally considered by the priests to have been unpropitious or adverse.
  • From the death struggles and look of the creatures omens for the future year were taken.
  • In the day all had been talk and lightness, but in the night omens and presages came.
  • From the appearance of the victims sacrificed in them, omens were taken that foretold the future.
  • To give a list of the omens and auguries would consume much time and be useless.
  • The guests arrived before the hour of sunrise, and even then the omens had been already taken.
  • Evil omens beset his march, but no omen could be worse than his own impulsive rashness.
  • We find omens in the direction of straws, in the running of hares, in the flight of birds.
  • They cannot unlock the riddles at Delphi, no seer can read them in the omens of birds.
  • Now with boon omens wafted on their way, In mutual fondness, love and loved are they.
  • The writer recounts various omens and portents which are said to have occurred in China and Japan.
  • The origin of this custom was the taking of omens from the death-struggles of creatures burning in the fire of sacrifice.
  • But not all omens come true, and you will understand from our theories that they need not all come true.
  • All these things are portents and omens to his superstitious mind, and they play a considerable part in all his actions.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Omens | Omens Sentence

  • Some of the omens are favourable.
  • All the omens were propitious.
  • All nations have their omens drear.
  • The omens doubtless were unfavourable.
  • Auspicious omens cheer us.
  • I meet with so many omens lately.
  • Enough has been said to prove how common omens were.
  • He sees in these facts omens of good.
  • The time was short and the omens doubtful.
  • But these sinister omens proved illusory.
  • Bird omens have descended to us from remote antiquity.
  • But Johnson saw omens in the most trifling circumstances.
  • Perhaps, if the omens be favorable you will bear me yet another.
  • Sometimes the cabbage stalks used in the omens take the place of fagots.
  • The summer of 1643 opened with favourable omens to the royal cause.
  • The omens were pointing towards that region at his next place of abode.
  • If his omens are good, they will undertake the most daring enterprizes.
  • Certain events are still regarded as omens by the peasantry in many districts.
  • They drew omens for the future from dreams, sought premonitions in them.
  • Theology was naturally prominent, as well as works on omens and charms.
  • There's something in your looks, that omens ill!
  • Heaven was born anew to us, with comforting omens and cheery promise.
  • Never before had the omens seemed so dark for an American army.
  • Snakes, lizards, or certain birds crossing the roads are omens of bad luck.
  • He hath least annoy Who with such omens troubleth not his mind.
  • Joanne saw these omens of preparedness, and her eyes shifted again to Aldous.

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