Omniscient In A Sentence

How To Use Omniscient In A Sentence?

  • Webster had the newspaper faculty, and was as omniscient as any editor need be.
  • Neither quality is predicable of an omniscient and omnipotent being, for whom there could be no difficulties or evils to overcome.
  • In this age, when the world is in such danger of becoming omniscient before the time, it is good to have here and there a mystery in reserve.
  • But in his own country he hath great honour; the peasantry believe him to be omniscient and omnipotent, if not omnipresent.
  • Time, yes, that is the finder, the unweariable explorer, not subject to casualties, omniscient at last.
  • He can never perceive; the act of perception results in the obtaining a new idea, but if God be omniscient his ideas have been eternally the same.
  • A being who is Incomprehensible as well as Almighty and Omniscient can hardly be an actor in a poem written for human readers.
  • It affirms that with reference to God and His omniscient knowledge, there can be nothing that is fortuitous, accidental, or unexpected.
  • It is a reasonable use of the language to regard human wisdom as the only and omniscient wisdom, just as all natural and wet water is called water without any further modification.
  • This air of omniscient dogmatism, together with the disasters of false prophets, has somewhat compromised the movement and has diminished its direct influence.
  • The circle in the crescent represents the omniscient state of the soul when it has attained full consciousness, is liberated, and lives apart from matter.
  • Besides a lot of scientific apparatus and chests of chemical supplies, everything that could possibly be required, had been provided by that omniscient young man.
  • It is, indeed, possible to believe in the eternal existence of limited minds, while denying the existence of the one Omniscient Mind.
  • Only the image of poor humanity probably looks somewhat different to the omniscient eyes of God than when seen through the spectacles of our arrogant prejudices.
  • The papers simply teem with secret histories of the week, diaries of omniscient pundits and so forth, in which these rumours multiply to an extent that staggers the plain person.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Omniscient | Omniscient Sentence

  • It is not an omniscient God but a cosmic sensibility.
  • Being a creature he is not omnipotent, nor is he omniscient or omnipresent.
  • So should man submit to the dispensations of Omniscient wisdom.
  • The omniscient Burton seems to have reached the pith of the matter.
  • In the second place, He is omniscient as well as omnipresent.

Definition of Omniscient

Having total knowledge. | One who has total knowledge.
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