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  • You are looking on life too gloomily.
  • Every creature has its claims on life.
  • Their slender hold on life.
  • We imprudently exchanged a few views on life.
  • His outlook on life was certainly changed.
  • He was charged with sane opinions on life.
  • He came off with a shaking and a changed outlook on life.
  • We have gained much on life in the past century.
  • The beast was writhing in its last hold on life.
  • I thought you never turned your back on life.
  • It is the iron grip that takes the strong hold on life.
  • At once, her whole outlook on life was changed.
  • Which an entrance on life breeds; 2.
  • Was it for Dick to die or to take on life again?
  • Nor am I making any demands on life.
  • Davy, Humphry, on life in other worlds, 147.
  • It took on life.
  • Are all ripples on life due to women at the bottom of the matter?
  • Life astonished her, and her comments on life are her poems.
  • To half will and to hang forever in the balance is to lose your grip on life.
  • One starts also in the full knowledge of the influence of habit on life.
  • I won't see you turn your back on life.
  • But our long lease on life is due principally to having to climb this hill.
  • He treated me to peanuts and made me laugh and gave me a new outlook on life.
  • When the summer came on, life became a daily lyric of delight.
  • Memorial-Introduction, Essay on Life and Poetry, and Notes.
  • Mike's outlook on life was of the solid, practical order.
  • Her outlook on life was too narrow, too rigid, to differentiate or condone.
  • So he lay there, in the broken rocks of the ridge, and looked grimly on life.

How To Use On Life In A Sentence?

  • Books have an influence on life and conduct the extent of which it is impossible to estimate.
  • In the course of the month it was plain that his last hold on life was rapidly weakening.
  • Concentrate the honoured will on life, and complete recovery to health will follow.
  • It seemed to her for the first time she laid hold on life in the midst of death.
  • It was all only an imperfectly specious substitute for life, only a coarse parody on life.
  • This third conversion produced a fundamental alteration of my whole outlook and grasp on life.
  • His bitter outlook on life made him feel that affection and softness went hand in hand.
  • Hence it appeared as if descent in the sea had much the same effect on life, as ascent on land.
  • Harrigan crossed the room briskly, urged by an appetite as sound as his views on life.
  • To them radio telephony was an accepted fact, part of their daily equipment for carrying on life.
  • Whenever he spoke of women he spoke bitterly, his outlook on life became less cheerful than ever.
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