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Short & Simple Example Sentence For On Now | On Now Sentence

  • That is what we are on now.
  • How are you going on now?
  • Let me see if they are on now.
  • Ride on now before us.
  • But what rock are we on now?
  • Nothing is going on now.
  • She has not got it on now.
  • Come on now and get some supper.
  • Very little of it went on now.
  • Come on now, kiss me.
  • It has been going on now a long time.
  • She watched everything that was going on now.
  • By the way, what line are you on now?
  • Go on now, dats nough.
  • But he had something to work on, now.
  • Come on now, old fellow.
  • He went on, now very gently.
  • She had sufficient head sail on now to hold her up.
  • There is very little business of that sort going on now.
  • The school work went on now with much success.
  • Our life went on now as it had done at our first coming.
  • It is her mail which I have on now.
  • Come on, now; your tongue got twisted.
  • Come on now, be a good kid and get things rolling.
  • Shall I slip it on now?
  • I am called on now to go after Sinclair.
  • So I went on now very agreeably.
  • Come on now, quietly, and let us finish the matter.
  • I pass on now to the second thing which I propose to do.
  • We shall have to be pushing on now, Allardyce.
  • I pass on now to the second thing I proposed to speak of.
  • I pass on now to the third thing I proposed to speak of.
  • Do you want me to slip it on now, or shall I wait?
  • Come on, now; I like your looks.
  • But come on now, we must take these things to the Greens.

How To Use On Now In A Sentence?

  • Come on, now," he added "be good fellows and open up.
  • Go on now, Marse Marcy.
  • Well, Sarah, I guess you can try on now.
  • Come on, now!"... "Make haste!
  • I pass on now to a report made by a United States Official.
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