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How To Use On Or In A Sentence?

  • Nor is there anything on or under the sea that seems likely now to produce decisive results.
  • Characters did not come on or go off at just the right instant to work up her scenes in life.
  • Perfect cleanliness and neatness should be insisted on, or your food will be bad and unwholesome.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For On Or | On Or Sentence

  • No lights anywhere on or in it.
  • And they had all passed on or passed away!
  • Now come on or we shall be late.
  • No lights shone anywhere on or in it.
  • If they suspicion you they move you on or put you out.
  • Can he turn it on or down or put it out as he pleases?
  • Can he turn it on or down or put it out as he pleases?
  • I wonder if he puts it on or if he deceives himself.
  • It makes all connections on or with the route uncertain.
  • Should they go on, or back?
  • It was most difficult to decide whether to go on or not.
  • That way, they could all be switched on or off at once.
  • He hardly knew what had brought it on, or how it had begun.
  • I'm waiting to know if it's on or back.
  • Dunn got me on; or rather, his governor.
  • Let us get on, or we may yet be caught!
  • The day wore on, or rather the commencement of evening.
  • Terrestrial: living on or in the land; opposed to aquatic.
  • Arboreal: living in, on, or among trees.
  • By whom they were set on or paid I do not know.
  • You are blown on, or I can blow on you!
  • The year begins on, or about, the 12th of April.
  • But let your horse move on, or I shall miss my train.
  • Should I say 'on' or 'in' a roof garden?
  • The Get On or Get Out sort of thing.
  • He would have married her whether he had enough to live on or not.
  • Drive on, or you'll have them out of sight!
  • Discal: on or relating to the disc of any surface or structure.
  • He's made up his mind to hold on or die.
  • Lighted candles too, are sometimes placed on or about the body.
  • They might be run down or lost or fired on or swept out to sea.
  • Then she passed on or was drawn away without making any answer.
  • The phases of the moon are caused by her putting on or taking off her garments.
  • Did anny wan iver see a fireman with his coat on or a polisman with his off?
  • It is not common, and is generally found on or about stumps in the autumn.
  • For a moment or two the cock-pheasant showed on or about that big rooster.
  • The girl scarcely knew whether it were best to hold on or to drown.
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