One Month In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For One Month | One Month Sentence

  • They danced for one month.
  • Impossible to wait one month to find out.
  • In about one month the moths emerge.
  • In one month she was an altered woman.
  • Give me one month and let me do my best.
  • It is my duty to live in this spot for one month.
  • As soon as they drank they danced during one month.
  • As soon as they arrived there they danced for one month.
  • It grows to this size from the egg in one month.
  • And one can learn the work in one month.
  • You begin to work the first of one month.
  • He seemed to have aged years in that one month.
  • During the shortest period black for one month.
  • We are yet one month to the end of the term.
  • I found that the whole trip had covered just one month.
  • By mutual agreement, the case was put over for one month.
  • For one month he took the baths, and nothing else.
  • One month after an agreement we could be on the Bosporus.
  • That usually lasts fifteen or twenty days, or one month.
  • In one month only Nature lights her unquenchable lamp.
  • One month was gone since the great supper given by Dubois.
  • Oh for one month of Sir Charles Napier!
  • One month?
  • The penalty for infringement to be forty shillings or one month.
  • When my mother was a girl she was staying with some kinfolks for one month.
  • By this time he had gratuitously extended his leave from one month to three!
  • But many a submarine in one month made a better record than these.
  • Father's term will expire in less than one month.
  • In one month ninety requests were handed in for the aid of the deaconesses.
  • Then from one week to the next, then from one month to the next.
  • Heads of enemies are placed around the town and people dance for one month.
  • He caught cold and died suddenly, just one month after his inauguration.
  • During the longest period black for one month, half-mourning for one month.
  • One month has passed without his cheery presence at Bellevue.

How To Use One Month In A Sentence?

  • One month after the birth of a child the call of congratulation is made by acquaintances.
  • Suppose you resolve to be considerate and agreeable to every soul you meet for one month.
  • We could now land a larger number of men there in one month than we then did in a whole year.
  • The military expenditure for one month is still larger than that for the first year of the war.
  • The trip was calculated to last one month with fair wind and weather, such as then promised.
  • Allow the stain to stand for one month exposed to light; then filter again ready for use.
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