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  • Sundevil seized about one tenth of one percent of all computer bulletin boards in America.
  • In spite of the necessity for tight security, Connel felt he had to allow for that one percent of human failure.
  • Talent is uncommon among humans, only about half of one percent having mind shields, though perhaps twice as many have the weaker screens.
  • The solution of amino acids, vitamins, and honey sugar also contained a small amount of stimulant of the dexedrine type and one percent ethanol.
  • The year prior to the time these trees were sprayed he had about 40 per cent of the nuts infested, and the year these were sprayed the infestation dropped they came down to about one percent.
  • Its illegitimacy arose from the fact that it was conducted surreptitiously over a vast area, and was only in the slightest degree effective, causing a destruction each month of less than one percent of the traffic.
  • It is capable of infecting approximately one percent of the inhabitants of Narvon System and an unknown but much smaller percentage of Terrans; all others are immune.
  • The death rate, we are told, before this woman nurse and her little company arrived at the hospital was sixty percent of all the cases that were treated there--and after she had effected the changes that she saw were necessary, the death rate was only one percent--a fact in itself that speaks more loudly than any words for her efficiency and her bravery.
  • =Survival and Mortality Causes.= Eighty-one percent of the 1,373 plantings reported on were still active in 1946; that is, they still had at least one living tree.
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